OS3 HO every Pro expert HO Slot car ControllerProfessional class transistorized HO slot automobile controller. Unit has actually a different transistor circuits for running power and the coastline feature. This enables the sensitivity circuit to it is in independent the the coast feature. Unit likewise has an flexible choke feature that clips strength off the top finish to calm down pipey cars.This is the standard controller at HC slots that all ready To run cars room tested v after assembly.One the the big problems guys face in advancing in the hobby has always been getting a great controller. The price is usually always the barrier. Present 'brand name' units are in overabundance of $250.00. One is even above the $300.00 mark. One protect against Slot Shop has actually fixed that trouble with the HO ALL pro unit.It has: 1) adjustable Sensitivity v a 3-range on slide switch, 2) adjustable Choke, 3) adjustable Brake/Neutral/Coast v slide switch. The crucial feature below is that the Sensitivity pot is independent of Brake/Coast pot. You can obtain your sensitivity set and climate dial in or the end as much brake or shore as friend want. Another method is to collection the Choke whereby you desire it and also then adjust the Sensitivity and Brake/Coast.Some other well-known brands don't have actually that ability. The is extremely frustrating. Together an example: If a auto needs a many sensitivity, then the circuit put too much power into the brake/coast pot. Convert on the pot can reason the auto to screech to a halt or have actually so much coast that if runs approximately on the track with no create input.When you very first pick increase the OS3 HO every Pro, it is noticeable that it is a quality, well believed out and constructed controller. The style uses a compact setup of manage pots that are not hung the end there in outer room like some units. Almost all materials are inside the take care of or just above.The current convention with most other contending designs is that the transistor is located on a big, bulky, heavy, cloddy, clunky heat sink hanging indigenous the power wires listed below the controller handle. All of that is now integrated into the manage of the OS3 HO every Pro. The only thing exterior of the manage on the power wires is a small fixture because that the fuse.Control Section- flexible Sensitivity spanning the full selection of HO and 1/32 range cars.- adjustable Choke giving a softer solution for twisty part while quiet providing full power on the straights. Helps tame the Snappy-Loose cars.- adjustable Brakes regulated by a 100 ohm Brake pot.- adjustable Transistorized coast utilizing a second transistor. This heat-sunk transistor avoids using the Brake Pot to dissipate the heat keeping the Brake pot safe to touch at every times. Coastline is completely protected through a PTC re-settable fuse in situation of a short circuit or extreme heat.- live independence Coast and also Sensitivity controls. Set one without altering the other. This conserves time when setup up the controller.- Brake/Coast switch permits the user to run v Brakes, coastline or neither.- Easy-to-Read manage Section. Knobs space adequately spaced in front of a fine defined and readable display. Numbered rotation enables repeatable location of the knobs.Body Section- adjustable Full-Power and Brake points. The articles that control the complete on and off positions room fitted into grooved oval slots in the frame permitting the user to readjust the dead time from brake to power and also when full power is contacted.- 40 band nickel plated wiping surface for long life.- versatile wiper arm through a floating wiper switch maintains continuous wiping contact.- Flexible trigger wire the is fully enclosed in a silicone coating to avoid fraying and premature failure.- Specially designed pivot rivet gives a snug yet complimentary fit for the cause to turn on, removed the require for aftermarket bearings.- Internal heat Sink. No weights or swinging hazards on the wires of this controller.

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All the weight and also heat is maintained inside the handle while keeping the entire controller load under 12ozs.Wires- Parma ... Read an ext