I humbly request that this quote indigenous Starship Troopers be part of the Dwarven salute! Although, i would recognize if that is not feasible...in that case, my buddies and also I will certainly just need to shout it in ~ each various other as us kill room bugs :D

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Though over there are few pop culture references in this game, this is one ns would absolutely appreciate. Good movie, and a perfect quote because that DRG's dwarves. I'd argue the this would certainly be much better as one of two people a "cheers" salute as soon as holding a beer top top the rig, or as a arbitrarily callout for among the classes when killing enemies. Together a continual pickaxe salute on a mission, it can feel a little bit out of place at times, particularly if celebrate something non-bug related.

Similarly, ns really desire to have actually selectable voicebinds prefer there were in tribes 2 ago in the day, or TF2 a bit more recently. You push V and also you acquire a small menu through an choice tree, therefore VCC might be "For Kharl!", or VVV might be "HELP!". And of food VZX would certainly be "The only good pest is a DEAD bug!" :)


Would absolutely love to watch some Dwarfen singing favor Bardin from Vermintide, can be a quite nod to a fellow of the genre. To add it's ever before so Dwarfy:

Down, down, under we go. We'll mine for gold, and fight because that hold!

Few much more examples:



“I’m from Buenos Ares and also I say kill EM ALL!”

“We’re gonna fight, and also we’re gonna win! warcry

“They suck his brain out...”

“Ain’t much too look in ~ after ya scrape em off her boot!”

“You feather to be a hero Watkins!?” “Just trying come kill part bugs sir!!!”

Too many great quotes in that good movie.

In addition to this, I'd love to have the voice-line ' I'm doing mine part!' ~ above humorous/rare conditions, together as acquiring the killing shot on a Praetorian or dreadnought whilst having inflicted under 10% of complete health damage, or as soon as picking increase a an additional objective item as soon as the objective is currently complete, or maybe also on shoot those cave worms the don't attack/do anything.


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