This line talked by the Emperor to Luke at the finish of RotJ has constantly bugged me. There yes, really is no context in the OT, nor in the PT for the matter, that explains what he intended by that statement. We deserve to assume he supposed that the dark side was stronger than Luke realized, but I suspect he was referring come something else. The force Lightening the he to be zapping Luke through at the moment. I know it has been provided by plenty of dark pressure users in the video clip games and also the EU, yet what if there's means more come it than just being a cool Sith ability.

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IIRC, there to be no pressure Lightening in TPM. In AotC, Dooku effectively used it on Anakin, which make him incredibly weak for a few moments. Obi Wan clogged it through his lightsaber, and also Yoda absorbed it v his hand, saying "Strong you space with the dark side, yet not solid enough" (paraphrasing).

In RotS, Sidious supplied it versus Windu, who likewise blocked it through a lightsaber. This time though, the bounce ago and was hitting Sidious, do his face change. Sidious started saying that was as well weak, begging Anakin to assist him. This was a con task of course. He can of just stopped zapping Windu, but when Anakin reduced Mace's eight off, Sidious was much from 'too weak'and then blast Mace out the window.

At the end of RotS, that tried to usage it on Yoda. This time though, Yoda couldn't absorb it. Instead it go out Yoda throughout the room. This may have actually surprised or also hurt Sidious, due to the fact that he tried to flee at that moment, yet Yoda jumped up and also blocked his escape.

I currently suspect the the Lightening drains the Living pressure from the victim. Sidious taught several of this capacity to Dooku, however not enough to be a master at it. This describes why Yoda might absorb Dooku's Lightening, but not the Emperor's. As soon as Windu was deflecting it back onto Sidious, he didn't end up being weaker because Sidious was absorbing his own Life Force.

So at the finish of RotJ, the Emperor to be draining Luke's life away, which defines what he meant once he made that statement. The suggest to every this is the I believe Snoke will usage an even more advanced variation of pressure Lightening to drainpipe the Living pressure from Rey, to regenerate his body and also give himself an ext power and more life. Maybe allowing him to live for another ten thousand years, or perhaps gain an capacity that has actually eluded him because that eons.

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Sorry if this has currently been speculated here, or if this is currently common knowledge. I've to be trying to figure out what the villain's end-game in reality is, and also reading the Snoke can be some type of Living pressure Vampire made me realise the the pressure Lightening could be the an essential to fullfilling his can be fried plan.