*Note - These changes are only on the speculative Branch. To access the speculative Branch, be sure to pick it in your vapor Library. If this application does not appear, please inspect if this app is hidden in her Library. Experimental Branch changes upgrade to the major branch monthly.

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Since November we"ve been preparing a suitable design and balance pass to the economic situation in the background. This had looking for holes in the progression, assessing what demands to be expanded, and preparing all the essential gameplay systems, items, and features to effectively release. This construct now consists of the numerous months of work-related to make this happen.

Some certain gameplay notes on this balancing pass:

Multi Tools

There are now new Multi-Tool variants to enable repairing and salvaging gameplay at earlier progression stages, lock work as with the Multi-Tool/Repair Tool currently in the game, just varying degrees slower.

The brand-new Multi-Tools in the game are:

Survival Tool

- uncovered in the UNE Emergency Kit ~ above the escape Pod (Spawns v your personality on initial human being creation), and also can be found in booty crates

Crab Screwdriver

- Crafted from a shaped piece of Crab Antenna, an excellent in instance your Survival tool is lost

Makeshift Screwdriver

- Crafted from a piece of Scrap Metal, a slight upgrade to the survival Tool and Crab Screwdriver


- An update to the vault Multi-Tools together a stepping rock until the mechanized Multi-Tool that has actually been changed to be an end-game development item

Furnace Changes

The heater now requires fuel, a Fuel Input can be seen near the base of the furnace as an interactable box, when various items can be added as fuel that will increase the quantity of time the heating system can operate, many items are welcomed as fuel, part to differing levels of efficiency, shot different item to check out what works best. A Fuel cabinet Upgrade have the right to be set up on the heating system that will remove the need for fuel.

Scientific Extracting

Plants and Creatures now drop various items relying on what device is used to harvest them. When you uncover a brand-new plant, try using various tools in your inventory to check out if lock drop any different items.

Introducing Alloys

Ingots have been removed from the game and also replaced by Alloys, rather of collecting ores and also combining two or an ext ores right into an ingot supplied in recipes, currently recipes deserve to use a mix of raw metal ores and also Alloys that all have varying species and quantities of inputs.

Mineral Hardness

Mineral Hardness is now enforced on tools, only tools of same or higher hardness deserve to harvest any type of given mineral. The Mineral"s hardness is presented underneath the mineral name as soon as looking at a node in the world. One item"s hardness is displayed as a single number 0~10 (based on the scientific Moh"s hardness scale) in the item description panel as soon as selected in her inventory.

Creatures Harvesting

Creatures are also now harvested by attacking various body segments after they have been killed, try different tools on various segments to uncover what they every drop!


Some tools drop shared resources among all plant species and biology segments, others may drop distinctive parts particular to the segment or creature harvested.

New Broken and also Scrap items have been included to give far better depth come the at an early stage game that salvaging and also finding then repairing necessary progression items.

Broken items can be found by salvaging wreckages or together loot in various crates approximately the world, they have the right to be repaired in ~ the workbench right into their operational counterparts.

Player Improvements

In addition to the economic balancing, we"ve carried out some cleanup on the Player movement. This includes removing the "idle" state in the third person computer animation system, which ultimately solves the weird stutter that arisen sometimes if holding a weapon. A pretty side effect is the movement and also animation seems to be an ext responsive and also can instantly get in a crouching state indigenous a run state, without having to get in an idle state.We additionally fixed up numerous of the physics activities in the an initial person tools or at the very least performed some much-needed improvements. There"s more that needs to be excellent on the very first person tools and also weapons to gain them come a perfect state, something we"re focusing on in the quick term.

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Dungeon Improvements

The new Dungeon device is coming along as well. We eliminated dungeon/mine loading in the last speculative build, and also are now gaining this mechanism improved much more and more. The latest additions are adding an ext minerals in the dungeons, creature AI pathing improvements, and AI assault improvements especially while in mines. Prefer the tools we developed for the earth surfaces, we"re developing a affluent toolset for the dungeons, enabling us to develop high-quality dungeons quickly, making use of a handcrafted approach.

Change List

Added - new Buildable update System, enabling upgrades/attachments for utilities and also furniture

Added - heater Precipitation Collector Upgrade

Added - heater Water Distillery Upgrade

Added - heater Fuel cabinet Upgrade

Added - heating system Low warmth Upgrade

Added - create High-Precision Upgrade

Added - press Weapon Fabrication Upgrade

Added - WorkBench fix Table Upgrade

Added - WorkBench Tool station Upgrade

Added - WorkBench Suit terminal Upgrade

Added - Fabricator High-Tech upgrade

Added - Fabricator fit Augmentation Upgrade

Added - Kitchen chef Upgrade

Added - Many new craftable alloy items

Added - 6al-4v

Added - Brass

Added - Bronze

Added - actors Iron

Added - Duralumin

Added - Dymalloy

Added - Electrum

Added - Ferrochrome

Added - Gunmetal

Added - Magnalium

Added - Ni-Cr

Added - Talonite

Added - Zamak

Added - Zircaloy

Added - Plants and Creatures now drop various items relying on tool used for harvesting them

Added - extraterrestrial Blood

Added - extraterrestrial Fiber

Added - alien Hide

Added - alien Insect Parts

Added - extraterrestrial Organ

Added - extraterrestrial Tissue

Added - brand-new Multi-Tool variants that help repairing/salvaging gameplay"s previously progression stages

Added - survive Tool

Added - Crab Screwdriver

Added - Makeshift Screwdriver

Added - Wrench

Added - new Broken, Scrap, and Found items come give better depth to the early game that salvaging

Added - damaged Barrel

Added - broken Circuit Board

Added - damaged Wire

Added - damaged Hose

Added - damaged Glass

Added - damaged Computer Screen

Added - Scrap Cloth

Added - Scrap Hinge

Added - Scrap Plastic

Added - Scrap Rubber

Added - Fuel Cell

Added - Propellant Tank

Added - new Makeshift tier the items, bettering the beforehand game right out the the crash site

Added - survive Knife

Added - Crude steel Blade

Added - Crude metal Sword

Added - crude Pipe

Added - Makeshift towel Bundle

Added - shame Crab Antenna

Added - stone Shovel Head

Added - plenty of other new items to far better round out progression

Added - Adhesive

Added - Berry Juice

Added - Blaster Cell

Added - Botany Kit

Added - Chromium

Added - computer system Screen

Added - cooking Crab Egg

Added - cook Orcek Egg

Added - Crab Stew

Added - Explosive

Added - Hose

Added - Methane

Added - Molybdenum

Added - PowerCell

Added - Quartz

Added - Silver

Added - Sponge Tubes

Added - steamed Carrot

Added - Sulfur

Added - Zinc

Added - Uranium

Added - Proteus Dungeons have been update to it is in functional when again

Added - ideal height and also normal atlas for dungeon material

Added - more room variety to mines

Added - Depth-based algorithm come dungeon system

Added - Weight, Hardness, and also Damage symbols to item summary Hint

Added - new fuel system at this time in use on the Furnace

Added - new loot table system

Added - prey table because that wreckage booty crates

Added - booty crates are currently scattered through destroyed bases

Added - Gatherable Methane puddles roughly Proteus

Added - puddles now readjust height

Changed - Plutonium is currently an Alloy

Changed - improved all pathfinding in the mines

Changed - Player no longer respawns with any kind of default items

Changed - Player no much longer spawns v a chisel or a multi-tool in the crash site

Changed - Player currently spawns through a survive Knife and also Tool in the initial Crash Site

Changed - Repairing and also Salvaging wrecked bases now provides engineering proficiency

Changed - Adjustments to flying Skeliopod default float radius

Changed - Meteor currently properly autumn Uranium instead of Plutonium

Changed - Optimized colliders top top Berry and also RedBerry therefore they don"t autumn through the ground as often

Changed - destroyed structures no longer appear on the map when off the edge of the minimap

Changed - Plants, Trees, and also Creatures now present radial progress bar when harvesting

Changed - Updated many item explanation to be more descriptive

Changed - enhanced skinning the the player once crouching

Changed - updated crouch animation

Changed - to update foot IK to reduce strange foot rotations

Changed - improved all weapon spring activity in first person

Changed - update occlusion culling for Proteus 2 B

Changed - Progression and Economy reworked, matching new economy and also progression systems

Changed - All utility recipes have actually been updated to fit the new economic system

Changed - furnace now needs fuel

Fixed - addressed player animation set, remove stuttering by stop weapons

Fixed - Proximity highlighter now work on every items

Fixed - Creatures have the right to no longer walk through inserted objects

Fixed - Heat locations no longer persist after ~ they have been disabled

Fixed - fixed a couple of more cloud save device stability issues

Fixed - Tin product is no longer missing

Fixed - Collision detection for aerial biology wandering task

Fixed - objects covert underground in the sand dunes

Fixed - Dismantling a buildable now provides the upgraded component recipes

Fixed - Test mode now only provides the resources once actually structure something

Fixed - booty crates in wreckages are currently properly salvageable when empty

Fixed - Water can no much longer be seen from orbit

Fixed - booty crates currently properly spawn their contents

Fixed - framework variants now have actually properly to update recipes come fit the brand-new progression

Fixed - Lutari and Aziel terrain have to now properly appear when reentering the atmosphere

Fixed - holes at end of dungeon rooms and also hallways

Fixed - included support for creatures to no kick increase dust while in dungeons

Removed - single mineral Ingots currently replaced by alloys developed by combining various minerals

Removed - progressed Fabricator (now a Fabricator Upgrade)

Removed - Standalone fix Table (now a WorkBench upgrade)

Removed - furnace Water Collector (replaced by various upgrades)

Whew! that was a large one! I"d favor to as soon as again give thanks to my impressive team for every their efforts to do this happen and for every their tough work and also dedication. We"re starting to record a an excellent grove now, and there"s tho plenty of occupational ahead that us. Till then, ns leave you with this kind quote: