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Owned by numerous Masters Contributor(s): Truth, Sojourner (Author), Batiste, Viveca
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ISBN: 1939866073 ISBN-13: 9781939866073 Publisher: Padmore PublishingOUR PRICE: $8.99
Binding Type: PaperbackPublished: October 2016Qty:
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Age Level: 14-18
Grade Level: 9-13
Physical Information: 0.3" H x 5" W x 7.99" (0.32 lbs) 138 pages
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Publisher Description:

Her name, Sojourner, means Traveler, and now that we know that fact, we love she story also more. She became a traveler indeed, ideal after she walked, precise walked, the end of slavery, and also then she traveled to spread the word about the mistreatment and the injustices she survived and that were still experienced by countless slaves. She to be the very first free black color woman abolitionist to, not just advocate for freedom for the black people but likewise championed the women"s rights movement when females didn"t also have the appropriate to vote.

Ain"t ns a woman? is the location of her most renowned speech. And also oh yes, she was.

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She was part woman

Read Owned by number of Masters, she account of her life experiences while she was a slave and after, and also you will acquire a brand-new appreciation the what a woman v smarts and perseverance can achieve even when difficult obstacles tried come shackle her down. Owned by number of Masters is a great inspirational story no one must miss.

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