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A rise from the OXO on Barista brain 9-cup, this 12-cup variation not only makes an ext coffee in ~ a time, yet it likewise has a couple of extra bells and whistles.

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Designed come mimic the procedure of the handmade to water over, this machineallowsfor the all-important “bloom” and intermittently passes water over the grounds.

The coolest added feature of this design is the removable kettle that allows you come brew coffee and heating water for tea or other hot beverages, making it advantageous for family members through varied preferences.

OXO on 12 Cup Coffee machine & unavoidable System via Amazon

The two settings (Coffee/Tea) allow you come selectthe temperature because that your certain beverage, givingyou an ext control.

At a Glance

Intelligent microprocessor to control brewing cycleInternal water scale so no measure water is neededPrecise temperature controlRainmaker™ showerhead for even water distributionMixing tube blends coffee ~ above entering carafeVacuum insulated double-wall carafeRemovable 12-cup carafe can be offered to warmth water separatelyCoffee/Tea cup selectionPre-soak cycle enables for “bloom”Brew 4-12 cups at a timeMid-range imminent length, in around 10 minute or lessDurable Borosilicate BPA-free glassCone shaped brew basket24-hour programmable timerCertified by SCAASatisfaction guarantee by OXO


Height: 15.9 inchesWidth: 14.7 inchesDepth: 7.6 inchesWeight: 11.8 pounds (15.4 pounds shipping weight)


Durable, Removable Kettle and also Thermal Carafe

One kettle made of BPA-free borosilicate glass permits for heat shock defense without affect taste and second brewing vessel consisting the a heat carafe because that coffee brewing. Enables for making coffee and tea at the exact same time.


LED interface Buttons

Intelligent one-dial interface is intuitive, offering alternatives for coffee or tea, 24-hour programming, and a fresh timer.


Coffee/Tea Setting

Gives friend the alternative to choose between the perfect temperatures because that coffee (197.6-204.8ºF) or tea (175-212ºF). The an accurate temperature control maintains the ideal temperature throughout the imminent process.

Rainmaker™ Showerhead

Uniformly distributes water over coffee grounds for also saturation. Also pauses to allow for pre-infusion “bloom.”


Internal Scale

Regulates water volume for the perfect odor extraction.

Vacuum Insulated Carafe

Keeps coffee or other warm beverages heat without scorching ~ above a warm plate. Double-walled stainless steel through a brew-through lid and also non-slip grips ~ above the handle.

Mixing Tube

This attribute “mixes” the coffee as it start the carafe, theoretically causing the coffee stamin to be also throughout the whole pot. This can be removed if girlfriend don’t favor it.

Freshness Timer

Since it’s always helpful to recognize if it’s time come brew a new pot, this attribute tells you exactly how long it has actually been since your coffee was finished brewing.

Intelligent Microprocessor

Assures precise temperature, time, and also volume the water because that a fully precise impending process.

Pre-Infusion Cycle

A short pause after ~ the grounds are soaked enables for enoughtime to release the CO2 that have the right to negatively affect the taste of freshly ground coffee.

Auto Drip Stop

If the carafe is removed from the an equipment during the imminent process, the cycle will temporarily avoid until the carafe is replaced.


4-Cup imminent Minimum

This an equipment can’t be used to brew much less than 4 cups at a time, therefore this may not it is in the finest optionfor an individual who doesn’t drink much more than one mug of coffee at a time.

Hand wash Only

Neitherthe carafe nor the kettle are dishwasher safe. This is no a surprise, however may be an important consideration for part users.

Large “Footprint”

The unique design with two different carafes is convenient and it brews a good cup the coffee. However this an equipment is quite wide, and it take away up an ext space than most coffee brewers.

Of course, the reality that friend won’t require a different tea kettle may consist of for this fact.

Comparison to comparable Products

Coming in in ~ a similar price to the Technivorm Moccamasterandsimilar in size, the OXO on 12-Cup Coffee Brewer offers comparable features.

However, the removable water kettle and also Coffee/Tea temperature settings are distinctive to the OXO.

Techniques, tips & Tricks

Some customersseem come have had an worry with this design producingan incorrect variety of cups of their selected warm beverage. Apparently, if this happens, settingthe temperature to 210ºF have to fix the problem.

Removing the filter basket is not intuitive. To carry out so, just remove the tiny silicone ring at the top in bespeak to free the basket because that cleaning.


This is an excellent coffee machine thatis easy to use. It supplies regulated temperature, excellent features, and even gives a kettle for preparing other varieties of hot beverages.

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This model may be a little bit on the pricey side for some, and it is a bit huge (so you won’t want it in a small kitchen). Yet if you’re no bothered by the price and size, thenthe OXO on 12-Cup Barista brain Coffee Brewer can be a an excellent choice because that you.