Splatball is the Twin urban premiere MN paintball store and also repair shop. Splatball is located right out of downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota! Splatball is Minneapolis’s biggest full company paintball keep in MN with over 50 years of linked experience. Multiple employees have actually been factory certified/ trained to job-related on hundreds of various paintball markers and also are the only Dye Paintball Master business Center in Minnesota.

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Splatball installs upgrades, repair guns and clean tools to spec. Whether it’s a standard paintball gun the you need an o-ring for, or you’re looking for the latest paintball gear, we have actually the inventory and also the endure to provide you the ideal value for your money, they’ll have you covered.

Splatball additionally offers hydro-testing services for her compressed air paintball tanks. Ours hydro business includes regulator removal and also re-installation, hydro testing and a intuitive tank inspection by a licensed hydro tester.In the industry for new gear however low top top cash? Splatball has actually a killer selection of both brand-new and used gear! Curious what they have in stock? inspect our EBAY store over or stop in to check out their provided Gun wall.

Air assault Paintball is the earth Eclipse Paintball North main Service Center. These guys know paintball far better than everyone in the area and thats a fact. Air Assault Paintball Park is located right downtown St. Paul. Air assault stocks paintball commodities from end 30 different paintball companies; buys, sells and also trades paintball gear and go in house paintball repairs, mite maintenance and also tank hydro testing. Protect against in to examine out our latest products and also gear selection.


They only stock and also suggest paintball gear that castle (professional players) use and also trust! castle really space a one protect against shop for paintball equipment in MN nevertheless of playing format or ability. Air attack buys, sells and also trades both brand-new and offered paintball gear.

Also their service/ fix & maintenance technicians have over 50 years of combined paintball experience! Their gun technicians have been manufacturing facility certified and trained to job-related on hundreds of different paintball gear items.

From technical support to product reviews they are an ext than willing to help collection you up with what you need with nothing you don’t.

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Want to offer your paintball gear? Doesn’t issue if its brand-new or old wait Assault and also Splatball buys, sells and trades every paintball gear!


Stop in throughout their organization hours to inspect out every one of their brand-new and preowned merchandise.