Choosing the right Parrot Hands free Car Kit

Looking for a hands complimentary car kit? Parrotproduce a selection of top quality, high end automobile kits designed for music, conversation and every one of your infotainment needs.

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If you know what you are looking for, we can aid you to select the best Parrot hands totally free kit for you…

Best for music and best every round:MKi9200

The kit that we think is finest for those who desire to use their hands cost-free kit because that music, and calls, is the MKi9200. This kit has actually a range of features including a 2.4-inch high-resolution TFT colour display which displays the phonebook, caller i would (and a photo where applicable), user setting and call information. The menu and also phone publication are also audible for simpler use that the kit.

This kit has every one of the timeless telephony functions, together as pick up, cave up, double calls together with cutting-edge functions; automatic phonebook synchronisation, training-free multi-speaker voice recognition, speech synthesis of the names in the phonebook, contact management (up come 2 000 every phone), speak to records, and much moreIts colour display displays the phonebook, caller ID and photo, call information and user settings.

Supplied with a certain cable, this kit is compatible with all music sources, including; iPods, iPhones, USB flash drives, Bluetooth stereotype (A2DP) phones, MP3 players and also any various other analogue players.

The MKi9200 display screens the complete playlist in addition to the surname of the artist, the title and also even the album sheathe when obtainable on the iPod, iphone phone or USB speed drive.

Best features: plays music with “exceptional sound quality and also breath taking digital Super Bass and also Sound Spatialized effects”. Likewise boasts a high resolution 2.4” color screen.

Extras: A wireless remote manage (the Parrot Unika) have the right to be positioned on the steering wheel or dashboard and enables the driver to manage all the functions (to it is in bought separately). SDHC-compatible SD card leader on the side of the screen.

Music compatible?: correctly – Playback v speakers. Peak quality sound.

Screen?: YES – 2.4” High-res colour screen.

Price: £149.00


Best because that price: CK3000 (for non-music), MKi9100 (for music playing)

At just £69.99 the CK3000 is our cheapest hardwired kit. This item of kit is good for calls and also pairs v up to 3 phones. The kit has a unidirectional microphone, noise reduction, echo cancellation, voice recognition and also it stores up to 150 names. It offers the vehicle’s speakers for clean audio.

The MKi9100 has numerous of the attributes the CK3000 has, with the added bonus of an screen and it is able to stream music.

Best feature: Integrates seamlessly into the car.

Extras: Parrot Multican and also Parrot Multicomm have the right to be to buy separately and also are compatible v the CK3000. The MKi9100 is compatible through the UNIKA steering wheel kit.

Music compatible?: NO (ck3000), correct (MKi9100)

Screen?: NO (CK3000), correct (MKi9100)

Price: £69.99 (CK3000), £114.99 (MKi9100)


CK3000 and right : MKi9100


RECOMMENDED – ideal for calls, finest seller and also easiest to usage : CK3100

The CK3100 is the kit that our Parrot accredited technician recommends. This is because at just £82 this kit has every little thing you need – yet can’t pat music.

Some that the kit top function s include; wireless Bluetooth connection, voice recognition, immediate connection when you step into your car and also the microphone filters out neighboring noise for great audio quality.

Your phones information deserve to be viewed on the LCD screen. Info includes; incoming contact number, phonebook, last number called, and so on. The display screen is basic to install and also can be placed wherever customers want ~ above the dashboard – providing an optimised viewing edge for better comfort and also readability.

This kit is among our finest sellers, particularly for engineers, and with the right SOT command you space able come stream the sound with the speakers. This piece of kit is simple to use and perfect because that those in search of a hands complimentary kit generally for calls.

Best feature: Integrates seamlessly into your automobile for real audio quality. Every one of your phone’s information have the right to be viewed on the LCD screen.

Extras: The Parrot Multican and also Multicomm have the right to be bought separately and are compatible v this product.

Music compatible?: NO

Screen?: YES – LCD

Price: £82



The CK3100 is conveniently instaled and also attached come the dashboard.

Most compact and also portable: Mini kit Neo/ Mini Kit Neo 2

The Parrot Mini Kit Neo (and Mini Kit Neo 2) starts in ~ £62.50.

The Neo Kit 2 is obtainable in 4 colours. This kit is straightforward to use and also involves NO INSTALLATION. Girlfriend simply connect the kit to your sun visor and away girlfriend go!

Key functions include; voice recognition, simple Bluetooth connectivity, HD (for the Neo 2 only), state of the arts telephony functions and also much more.

Best feature: Compact elegant architecture – NO surroundings REQUIRED! easy to use and portable.

Extras: N/A

Music compatible?: NO

Screen?: NO

Price: £62.50 – £74.99


The stylish Mini Kit Neo 2 is obtainable in 4 colours.

High finish kits : The Asteroid range

The Asteroid kits are peak of the selection hands cost-free car kits. The stylish style and advanced telephony role mean these kit come through a high price sign – beginning at £199.

The Asteroid tablet computer and Asteroid smart come with a large, high res touch screen. Castle can additionally be used for navigation. The Asteroid Mini does not have a touch display screen or navigating functions, yet has a high quality screen none the less.

All 3 Asteroid kits can be used for apps, music and hands totally free communication. Connection to the net is also possible. Some of the kits likewise have a built in SD card slot for increased memory.

These peak of the variety car kit are best for those who are serious about having the finest – the a little bit like having a tablet built right into your car!

Best feature: Elegant design, high high quality touch screen, apps, navigation and much more.

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Extras: Can be provided as a navigating system, for apps and for music – and also for hands free communication.