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**WARNING: Spoiler alarm if you aren’t caught up top top the Avengers movies***

“Part of the trip is the end.” Those are few of the very first words uttered by Tony distinct in the start of the “Avengers: Endgame” trailer which to be released Friday.

And, things are looking bleak.

Stark, aka stole Man, is drifting in an are with “zero promise of rescue” and no food and water.

On Earth, after ~ Thanos clear all out half of every living creatures, Captain America and also Black Widow are trying come come up v a plan to defeat him.

**Watch the trailer, above, for more**

“Avengers: Endgame,” by the Russo brothers of Cleveland, hits theaters April 26, 2019.

Check the end the new poster because that Marvel Studios' #AvengersEndgame. In theater April 26, 2019.

— Marvel Studios (
MarvelStudios) December 7, 2018

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