Evil resides Here is a gripping andfascinating true crime present. In seaboy 2, episode 7 the story ofPatrick Lewis is displayed. This taken place in the state of Alabama. IDDiscoincredibly describes this display as: Sean Lewis constantly believing thathis brvarious other Patrick did negative things bereason he acquired associated via adistrusted company. But he realized at the finish that his brvarious other wasthe one that was the snakeOne of his victims was Peggy Lynn Grimes who was eight months pregnant. He likewise killed Misty McGugin.

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Peggy Grimes
Patrick passed away in prison on July 25, 2009
The story is told from his brother"s viewpoint. His brother s Sean Lewis.His appeal includes: The evidence adduced at trial suggested the following.   On Wednesday, February 4, 1998, 21-year-old Misty McGugin was reported lacking.   McGugin was last viewed by her household on Friday, January 30, 1998, when she dropped off her two-year-old son to spend the weekend at her grandmother"s house in Chickaobserved.   McGugin was scheduled to pick up her son on Monday morning, however she never before did.   McGugin"s family initially looked for McGugin themselves, but after they found her Ford auto abandoned in the parking lot of the Drifter"s Lounge on the causemeans, they filed a absent person"s report via the Baldwin County Sheriff"s Department.The State presented evidence indicating that McGugin had been employed by Abigail"s Escort Service and also that her “phase name” at the escort business was “Tosha.”  (R. 1331-32.)   James Ashley Lee, the manager of Abigail"s Escort Service, told investigators through the Baldwin County Sheriff"s Department that he had spoken through McGugin on Saturday, January 31, 1998.   Specifically, Lee told investigators that on Saturday evening he obtained a telephone contact from a man who identified himself as “Mark Evans” and also who asked for “Misty.”  (R. 1331.)   Lee sassist that Mark Evans was one of McGugin"s continuous clients and also that he regularly telephoned the company for McGugin.   Lee told investigators that the male that referred to as for McGugin stated that he was at Woody"s Motel in room 18 and that he wanted McGugin to come over.   Lee then notified McGugin that she had a client and McGugin involved the agency, telephoned Woody"s Motel, spoke via someone, and also then told Lee that she would go.   Lee said that McGugin went to the motel at roughly 9:00 p.m.

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that night and, pursuant to prearranged safety and security actions, McGugin telephoned Lee as soon as she arrived and also told him that she knew the guy and also that everything was fine.   McGugin was not heard from again.


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