The second song taped at Paul McCartney’s home studio in London, ‘That would Be Something’ was likewise the 2nd song top top his début solo album.

Like the first song, ‘The beloved Linda’, it was written at High Park Farm, McCartney’s Scottish retreat.

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This track was created in Scotland in 1969 and recorded at home in London – mixed later on at EMI (No. 2). I only had actually one mike, together the mixer and also VU meter hadn’t come (still haven’t).

Along v ‘Valentine Day’, ‘That would Be Something’ was combined at EMI Studios, Abbey Road, ~ above 22 February 1970. On that day he likewise recorded the song ‘Every Night’ and also ‘Maybe i’m Amazed’.

Although the was mostly disdainful that the McCartney album, George Harrison praised ‘That would certainly Be Something’ upon its release.

‘That would certainly Be Something’ and also ‘Maybe i’m Amazed’ i think are an excellent and every little thing else i think is fair, you know. It’s fairly good, but a tiny disappointing, yet maybe ns shouldn’t be disappointed, it’s ideal not to intend anything, climate everything’s a bonus. Ns think those 2 tracks space very good and the others simply don’t execute anything for me.

McCartney an initial performed ‘That would certainly Be Something’ live on 25 January 1991, during the record of Unplugged (The official Bootleg), which to be released later on that year.

Perhaps motivated by the MTV Unplugged performance, ‘That would Be Something’ to be performed live by The thankful Dead in September 1991, and also again ~ above several various other occasions in between then and also June 1995.

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