Paternal family tree (France)

Great-great grandparents: Jean Rivoire (b. In southwestern France about 1610) married Sarra Frassineau in 1632.

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Great-grandparents: Jean Rivoire (b. Around 1632), a vendor in Sainte-Foye-la-Grande, a small town top top the Dordogne River, in southwest France, married Magdeleine Malapougne between 1653 and 1664.

Grandparents: Isaac Rivoire (1660-1731), landowner in Riocaud, a town south of Ste. Foye, married Serenne Lambert in 1694.

Parents: Paul Revere (original surname Apollos Rivoire) (1702-1754) born in Riocaud in 1702, was sent out by his family to the brand-new World in 1715. Getting here in Boston in at an early stage 1716, Apollos was apprenticed to the English-speaking goldsmith man Coney. Adhering to Coney’s fatality in 1722, Apollos set up his own shop in Dock Square (today’s Faneuil Hall). Part time in the 1720’s that anglicized his name, an initial to Paul Rivoire, climate to Paul Revere, the name he gave his oldest son. That married Deborah Hitchbourn* (1704-1777) in 1729.

* various other spellings of family members name in use in the 18th century: Hichborn, Hitchborn.

Maternal family tree (New England)

Great-great grandparents: David and also Catherine Hitchbourn (arrived in Boston in 1641 from Boston, England); Captain Richard Woody and also Frances Dexter.

Great-grandparents: Thomas and Ruth Hitchbourn; Captain Richard Pattishall (d. 1689) and Martha Woody (1651-1718).

Grandparents: cutting board Hitchbourn (1673-1731) and also Frances Pattishall (1679-1749). Cutting board Hitchbourn own a small wharf in Boston, wherein he built boats and handled irradiate cargoes. His mam inherited the wharf adhering to his death.

Paul Revere (Apollos Rivoire) and Deborah Hitchbourn were parents of at least 9 children, 7 that whom endured to adulthood: Deborah (b. 1732), married thomas Metcalf; Paul (1734-1818); Frances (b. 1736), married Edward Calleteau; cutting board (b. 1740), goldsmith, married mar –; john (b.1741), a tailor, married (1) Anna Clemens, climate (2) silence Ingerfield; mary (1743-1801), married (1) Edward Rose, then (2) Alexander Baker; Elizabeth (b. 1745), married David Moseley, a silversmith.

Sources: Andre J. And also Pamela Labatut, “Paul Revere’s paternal Ancestry,” brand-new England Historical and Genealogical Register, Volume 150 (July, 1996); Esther Forbes, Paul Revere and also the human being He resided in (1942); Paul Revere — Artisan, Businessman and also Patriot: The male Behind the myth (1988).

Paul Revere’s Family

Paul Revere (1734-1818) married buy it Orne (1736-1773), on august 4, 1757.

Paul and also Sarah Revere had 8 children:

Deborah Revere (1758-1797) married Amos Lincoln, a carpenter and mason. They had 9 children.Paul Revere Jr. (1760-1813) married Sally Edwards (1761-1808), on July 25, 1782. Sally was the daughter that Dolin Edwards and also Rebecca Christie. They had 12 children. Paul Jr. Was a silversmith and also after the battle he manufactured bells with his father and brother, Joseph Warren Revere, together a member of Paul Revere & Sons. In 1792, Paul Revere & Sons actors the first bell do in Boston. It was the an initial of much more than 100 the Revere’s would certainly make.Sarah Revere (1762-1791) married john Bradford.Mary Revere (1764-1765)Frances Revere (1766-1799) married cutting board Stevens Eayres, a silversmith.Mary Revere (1768-1853) married Jedediah Lincoln, carpenter.Elizabeth Revere (1770-1805) married Amos Lincoln, a carpenter and mason.Isannah Revere (1772-1773)

Paul Revere’s first wife, Sarah, passed away shortly after the birth of their 8th son Isannah. Paul Revere married Rachel walker (1745-1813), his second wife, ~ above October 10, 1773.

Paul and Rachel Revere had 8 children:

Joshua Revere (1774-1801) a merchant.John Revere (born/died 1776).Joseph Warren Revere (1777-1868) a vendor and manufacturer, married mar Robbins.Lucy Revere (born/died 1780).Harriet Revere (1783-1860) A teacher?John Revere (1783-1786).Maria Revere (1785-1847) married Joseph Balestier, a merchant and diplomat.John Revere (1787-1847) married Lydia LeBaron Goodwin. Man attended Harvard (1807) and also became a physician.

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Source: Paul Revere – Artisan, Businessman and also Patriot: The male Behind The Myth, 1988; Donald M. Nielsen, “The Revere Family” brand-new England Historical and also Genealogical Register, Vol. 145 (1991).