Playing Pauper is back! critical week, we had an Instant Deck tech for a crazy Pauper combo deck referred to as One-Land Spy. ~ above paper, the deck looks favor the meaning of Against the Odds, yet sometimes decks that look weird in file actually end up very powerful in practice. As such, we"re walk to take One soil Spy because that a turn today and watch if it"s actually possible for the deck to combo off and win part games. The combo chin is quite convoluted but basically involves getting our solitary land out of our deck so we deserve to mill our entire library through Balustrade Spy, do a bunch that mana v Songs the the Damned, reanimate Anarchist to obtain back Haunting Misery to exile a bunch of creatures from our graveyard, and also kill our enemy in one shot. In theory, we can do this as early on as revolve 1 with our best draws, however it take away a the majority of things to go right for the combo to actually work. Can One-Land Spy work-related in Pauper? Let"s gain to the video clip and uncover out!First, a quick reminder: if you gain the Playing Pauper collection and the other video content top top, make sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel to keep up on every the latest and also greatest.

Playing Pauper: One-Land Spy

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First off, the record. It to be bad. Our video is actually a mashup that two different leagues, and also my our as whole record in those leagues was 1-8. When a chunk of our losses came to Delver, i m sorry is a miserable matchup because that our deck, after play a bunch the matches, it appears that One-Land Spy is absolutely an Against the Odds deck because that the Pauper format. While I"m sure we could have played the deck tighter (it"s in reality really daunting to play—even though the combo is relatively simple, trying to number out which hand to save is extremely challenging) and picked up a few percentage points, I"m not sure we would have won any an ext matches, no matter how well we played.What provides it so hard to win with One-Land Spy? over there are actually numerous reasons. The biggest difficulty with the deck is figuring out which hand to keep. It"s pretty i can not qualify that us just take place to have all 3 combo piece (although it"s amazing when it happens), so many of the time, we are maintaining hands v one or 2 combo pieces and hoping to draw the rest. It"s probably worth mulliganing many hands the only have one combo piece and pretty much all hands that have actually zero combo pieces. So, have to you pat One-Land Spy in Pauper? If your goal is to victory a tournament, the prize is pretty clearly no. The deck is just means too inconsistent and also gets win by a many of famous cards in the Pauper format. ~ above the various other hand, among the good aspects that Pauper is the the style is cheap. While a janky Against the Odds deck in contemporary might price $500 or even $1,000, One land Spy is less than $100. Together such, if you desire to get the "I won a Pauper game on rotate 1" merit badge or have some principles on how to make the deck more consistent, it won"t set you back too lot to pick up the pieces.

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Basically, when it involves One-Land Spy in Pauper, you won"t win an extremely often, however the games you execute win will be some of the fastest and also most spectacular combo kills available in the format!


Anyway, that"s all for today. As always, leave her thoughts, ideas, opinions, and suggestions in the comments, and also you have the right to reach me top top Twitter