*COVID-19 UPDATE: We’re back — and we’ve gone virtual! Applications are now open for the following batch that participants. Until more notice, all parts of the TDP experience will take location online.

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The PCS global Tech

Talent breakthrough Program (TDP)

An that consulting trainee-to-hire experience

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Your rapid Track to technology Consulting

There is a the majority of noise in the the training industry. Numerous companies offer programs that overpromise, climate underdeliver.

The PCS an international Tech Talent advance Program is different, and it’s precisely what you’ve to be looking for.

Our trainees enjoy among the finest learning experiences feasible because we room not simply a maintain company. We space a full-cycle software agency with our own products, services, and also Fortune 500 clients. Our close-knit network of skilled consultants is working on projects at the prior lines of the tech sector (exactly whereby you’ll be, if you join our program!) and also we receive insights indigenous this network every single day. That means we understand all the latest trends, every the best needs, and all the most crucial requirements for our clients.

That’s no all: we usage this information straight to architecture a training program that renders you the best of the ideal in this industry.


The TDP Experience

The TDP regimen is continuously transforming and enhancing in stimulate to save participants on the modern of new technologies. We review and also update our training materials weekly based top top insights from our clients and consultants in the that industry.


The Talent advancement Program (TDP) is a trainee-to-hire experience for people with a STEM elevator who desire to jump-start their careers in the tech industry. This regime is offered through our team at PCS global Tech, the training department of the full-service IT company CCS an international Tech.

With decades of endure in modern technology and company intelligence, PCS an international Tech produced TDP in an answer to a climbing swell of market demand for the skills and field of expertise in ours niche. By using an accelerated learning model, this program considerably reduces the time it takes for participants to acquire cutting-edge skills and use them in the genuine world. TDP is designed to put you on one elevated career trajectory while help us grow our network of skilled consultants.

TDP participants pertained to live and study for 2-4 months complete in among our two training locations: Wayne, PA or Poway, CA. <*NOTE: as result of COVID-19, all training is at this time held virtually; you have actually the flexibility to get involved from almost everywhere in the nation with a an excellent Internet connection!> after ~ 15 work of orientation, TDP participants are hired together CCS global Tech employees and also go on come receive roughly 8-12 main of extensive hands-on technical training indigenous Microsoft Certified professionals. They also receive personalized training in soft skills and interview preparation. Upon perfect of the program, TDP graduates are placed as consultants on progressed projects at our customer sites.

TDP’s Microsoft Certified trainers are professionals with 40+ years of combined an individual experience in the industry. They know precisely what skills are necessary to achieving career growth and also success. V in-class and online to teach sessions, students room guided step by action through real-life scenarios indigenous our client projects in stimulate to know how principles are applied in practice.

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Our team that Recruiters, world Relationship Managers, Marketers, and Human source experts works very closely with participants to enhance their non-technical skills. By consisting of a emphasis on the soft skills essential to building an excellent relationships and also conducting company effectively, TDP helps every individual to come to be as well-rounded and also competitive in the job sector as possible.

We pride ourselves in maintaining strong relationships with each other. Once you sign up with TDP, you space joining a household of over 1,000 consultants throughout the world who will mentor and also support you!