Canvas because that Pebble (exclusive to Android) lets you produce custom Pebble watchfaces best from your phone. The application initially came out approximately the time of Pebble Classic and also Pebble Steel, thus it to be designed replica cartier love arm bands just for black color & white screens. It became somewhat less attractive through the release of the colored Pebble Time models, together it wasn’t able come make complete use the the 64 different colors available. V the brand-new Pebble 2 and, again, a monochrome screen, it’s time to try out the application once more.

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Customization choices | picture by Kartabya Aryal

The application is really simple and easy to use. If it may take a if to obtain used to every the customization choices available, it’s yes, really fun once you get used to it. Girlfriend can add layers because that time, text, countdown, battery cartier double bracelet status, weather, plugins, tasker etc. Together with all these re-sizable aspects available, you likewise have the capacity to move them about as girlfriend like. Girlfriend can also animate (move the element across any that the four primary directions) the content v custom speeds. And also all this can be backed up into a solitary replica cartier file that you deserve to restore into any maker you switch to in the future. There’s a couple of more points to talk about but we’ll permit you shot the app and see it for yourself.

Animated Watchface | GIF by Kartabya Aryal


Here space a couple of steps to help you get started v the Canvas app:

Install and open the ‘Canvas because that Pebble’ application on her smartphone.Tap the menu switch at the height right and also select ‘Install Watchface’Choose an choice out the the 2 available:Watchface: Install tradition watchfaces as a watchface (I’d select this option)Watch-app: download watchfaces together an appSelect ‘OK’ as soon as it takes you to the Pebble app.Now, whenever you desire to push a watchface, push cartier simply a nail bracelet replicathe corresponding arrowhead button.

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Watchface selection | picture by Kartabya Aryal

We’ve viewed websites that let you make your own watchfaces. They carry out serve your purpose an extremely well however Canvas is definitely a lot much more convenient and advanced. It enables lot more freedom while developing the watchafaces and also can actually be moved to your phone with a solitary tap that a button. Let’s just hope there’ll be an upgrade for color displays the the Pebble Time series..