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THE dislike IS gaining TO ME

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I check out some of my dislike comments and also I think they"re really acquiring to me... I don"t recognize if sharing veganism is right for me :(Subscribe for more...


6 time PewDiePie overcome A Line

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He’s one of the most well-known YouTubers the end there, and also he’s far-and-away the most controversial. Once well-known for playing video games and also uploading...


Get A main point Message!

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I should add that this is not my own video. This is a re-edit of another YouTuber"s video clip and is SATIRE. The messages placed forth by the video...


REACTING come PEWDIEPIE dislike VIDEOS (PewDiePie React)

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#Pewdiepie #Sorsha #BazzbeTVJoin mine Discord- discord.gg/sEsPAQkSubscribe to my Channel- bit.ly/2EvTxIZSubscribe to mine Gaming Channel-...


PewDiePie is right. Vegans are negative for veganism. (Sorsha, vegan youtubers & poor vegan advocacy)

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Pewdiepie recently responded to “Why Pewdiepie is the Dumbest Youtuber,” a video clip by vegetable youtuber Sorsha. If friend want an example of poor vegan...

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Rating the dumbest deaths in history..

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