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Jail Guard
Sorry guys, my age and absence of skills is recording up with me.
So, I"m
Mission 22, take earlier the platdevelop from intrusion....... I"m entirely screwed.I have actually made a number of runs at it making use of various methods each time and also just gained to the top of the last (main) platform as soon as, only to gain scuttled by the mad horde of gunmen up tright here.....
Is tbelow a basic way to gain this motherfu**** at the optimal, the Commander?????Can he be sniped from one more platdevelop prior to you obtain as well cshed to him?Really.....REALLY might use some great pointers and also tips, as the game doesn"t show up as tho it have the right to development. Cheers.

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Jail Guard
I got to this mission this particular day, gave it 2 runs before I had actually to execute various other "grown up" points. I"m with you male, it"s tough!
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Tengu Commando

Tbelow are no ranks when playing that mission. You have the alternative of sneaking pass all of them, extract all, or kill all of them. My initially playwith, I simply stunned them all via eincredibly gadget and also weapon I had actually. I was a noob too at this mission since tbelow were no checkpoints. Afterawhile, you number out that you have the right to conveniently prevent and dodge them, CQC wbelow they are up close. Take your time. Take them out one by one as you watch fit and reach the leader.
You deserve to snipe the commander from the initially platdevelop, just interrogate a soldier for his area and also wait until he comes into view. This will certainly just work if you usage a lethal weapon.
I acquired to the top on my initially attempt, my tip would be to use the pipes of motherbase to climb to the peak, taking the stairs is suicide.
I died the initially 2 tries bereason i tried to rush it. Just take your time and kill/fulton everybody without gaining spotted, it"s not that difficult. Also climb the pipes rather of the stairs.

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Holy S H I T !!!!F*** me, what an epic battle. (yes, my age is absolutely slowing my reflexes...
)Finally.....after ditching several even more attempts using whatever from boxes, decoys, smoke grenades....stealth, aggression........I lost a hell of most blood, but I gained tbelow. I was so fuckd up, tbelow was a blood transfusion attached once I gained back in the chopper. EDIT:And a HUGE many thanks for everyone supplying tips and encouragement.
It"s really not that hard. Just wear battle dress and usage heavy weapons prefer machinefirearms, shotfirearms and kill everyone. Well I think you deserve to capture them however I was really angry and eliminated all of them. You can"t fuck via my comrades bitch Edit: Oh, so you carry out pass the level. Congrats
Shalashaska12 wrote:It"s really not that hard. Just wear fight dress and also usage hefty firearms like machinefirearms, shotguns and kill everyone. Well I think you can capture them yet I was really angry and also eliminated all of them. You can"t fuck with my comrades bitch Edit: Oh, so you execute pass the level. Congrats
YES!!Hahaha, yeah, this is what pleased me the majority of. Man, I went in with my BIGGEST firearms completely ablaze, choose you, I was so pissed at acquiring killed so a lot, I really wanted to fuck these mommy fuc**** up sooooooooooo poor.