I'm trying to develop a character based around the Genie from Aladdin. Able to approve wishes, yet not able to act on it's own totally free will; completely topic to the will certainly of it's 'master' which is whomever before controls the lamp.

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How is this possible to execute, in Mutants and also Masterminds? And even more particularly, is it able to be done while still staying balanced?

Especially, this is a PC, not an NPC; GM story powers perform not apply right here.

Edit: Thank you everyone for all the assistance! Y'all have actually aided fairly a bit!


From a player perspective it can be difficult to make this character interesting to play once the COMPUTER is the genie - you're presenting a character that has no totally free will certainly, a character that, without some loophole or quirk, doesn't acquire to make decisions. There's a reason that Disney movie starring the voice talents of Robin Williams was referred to as Aladdin rather of The Genie.

That's exceptionally true... I'm absolutely trying to uncover ways to make it exciting. Whether that means twisting wishes prefer the DnD Wish spell, or fun complications like the lamp being stolen. The character has cost-free will, however cannot act on it.

I feel prefer it would certainly be a fun principle to try! Even if it doesn't occupational out in the end. Can't hurt to attempt, right?

You're basically talking about Unmanaged Afflictions through a 3rd level of Transformed, Limited to Third Degree, and a universal Transcreate Effect (Anypoint to Anything) that's additionally Uncontrolled, and perhaps various other Effects depending upon what they're wishing for, prefer Teleportation or Healing, and so on The rules of the game will certainly make it a little wonky as tbelow hregarding be a resistance check affiliated, unmuch less the GM will certainly enable you to bypass that (this was possible in 2e through a +2/r Extra, not in RAW anymore with 3e however again, as much as the GM).

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Now, such a character sounds exciting, but of course can be quite boring unless you obtain to have some company to twist the wishes creatively, and of course have the right to be a hassle for the GM to handle when the response to eextremely problem becomes 'Genie I wish -'. There's also the risk even if they can't POOF! any kind of difficulty that a 'kitchen sink' strategy to powers will eclipse other PC's and make them seem uncrucial. It'll require some serious consideration on exactly how to balance this, specifically permanent.