I'm make the efforts to produce a personality based about the Genie from Aladdin. Maybe to grant wishes, however not able come act top top it's own cost-free will; entirely subject to the will certainly of it's 'master' which is whomever controls the lamp.

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How is this feasible to do, in Mutants and also Masterminds? And much more specifically, is that able come be excellent while still continuing to be balanced?

Notably, this is a PC, no an NPC; GM story powers perform not use here.

Edit: thank you anyone for every the assistance! Y'all have helped fairly a bit!


From a player perspective it can be complicated to make this character amazing to play as soon as the computer is the genie - you're presenting a character that has actually no totally free will, a character that, without part loophole or quirk, doesn't get to do decisions. There's a reason that Disney movie starring the voice talent of Robin Williams was referred to as Aladdin instead of The Genie.

That's really true... I'm absolutely make the efforts to discover ways to do it interesting. Whether that way twisting wishes favor the DnD wish spell, or fun complications prefer the lamp gift stolen. The character has cost-free will, yet cannot act on it.

I feel favor it would be a fun ide to try! also if it doesn't job-related out in the end. Can't hurt come attempt, right?

You're usually talking about Uncontrolled Afflictions through a 3rd degree of Transformed, minimal to 3rd Degree, and a global Transform effect (Anything to Anything) that's likewise Uncontrolled, and also possibly other Effects relying on what they're wishing for, favor Teleportation or Healing, etc. The rule of the video game will make it a bit wonky together there needs to be a resistance inspect involved, uneven the GM will enable you to bypass that (this was possible in 2e v a +2/r Extra, not in raw anymore through 3e but again, approximately the GM).

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Now, such a character sound interesting, but of course can be quite boring unless you get to have actually some agency to twist the desire creatively, and of course have the right to be a hassle for the GM to manage when the response to every problem becomes 'Genie i wish -'. There's likewise the risk even if lock can't POOF! any kind of problem that a 'kitchen sink' strategy to powers will certainly eclipse other PC's and make them seem unnecessary. It'll need some serious factor to consider on just how to balance this, particularly long-term.