Photoshop is a universally welcomed photo modifying software that deserve to make a photograph editor’s life a many easier. However it can additionally give friend a hard time when you encounter several of the errors that happen out that nowhere and also stop girlfriend from making use of Photoshop. This post sheds irradiate on few of the errors in Photoshop and additionally guides you to optimize Photoshop to do it carry out better.

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The adhering to are the errors and corresponding Photoshop version this post shall discuss:

An integer in between 96 and 8 is compelled in home windows 10(Photoshop CC)An integer between 50 and 8 is required in windows 10(Photoshop Elements)

How to deal with Error- an integer between 96 and 8 is forced in windows 10


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The above-mentioned error is usual in Photoshop CC. This error reflects up as soon as you are trying to access Performance Preferences.

Solution: Remove vital from the Registry

The systems presented below will deal with an integer between 96 and also 8 is required error, only if you have previously included an OverridePhysicalMemoryMB DWORD key to the registry.

Removing the key from the it is registered will allow Photoshop to make use of the physical memory instead of it is registered override.

Warning: Manipulating the registry key is really sensitive and also any mistake could lead come inaccessible PSD files. Fortunately, you can still settle the PSD file not opening in photoshop utilizing the PSD document repair tool. 

Before proceeding to the solution make sure that you take a backup of your Registry.

Press windows + R to open the operation dialog, form exe and enter.If you room asked for confirmation or one administrator password confirm or provide a password and proceed.Registry Editor window will certainly appear, right here navigate to this path HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Adobe\Photoshop\120.0


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Right-click ~ above the OverridePhysicalMemoryMB DWORD key that you had produced earlier, click on Delete and also confirm.

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This equipment will settle the error an integer in between 96 and also 8 is compelled only if the registry an essential has been included before. If you space a constant user of Photoshop over there are various other errors favor PSD record not opening, to repair PSD file not opening In photoshop you can just click on the hyperlink provided.

How to fix Error- an integer in between 50 and also 8 is compelled in home windows 10


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The error “an integer in between 50 and 8 is required” is typically faced once using Photoshop Elements. The following steps will guide you to deal with the over error:

Note: before proceeding come the systems make certain that you take it a back-up of her Registry.

Press Windows + R to open up the run dialog and type exe and enter.If you space asked because that confirmation or an administrator password confirm or carry out a password and proceed.Registry Editor window will certainly appear, below navigate to the path given below based upon the version of the Photoshop aspects software you space using HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Adobe\Photoshop Elements\16.0Right-click top top the new key and select Modify option from the menu.Do the following alters in the modify DWORD Value dialog box:In value data message box friend can adjust the worth from 0 to any variety of Megabytes or Gigabytes that reflect your device memory.Click Ok come confirm.

The above solution will fix the error an integer between 50 and 8 is forced in home windows 10. This means of manually specifying the memory an are for software application will likewise enhance the performance of Photoshop Elements.

If performed wrongly there her photoshop application might crash and result in corrupting or damaging the PSD file. If friend encounter together a script click below to solve the damaged Photoshop document.

Tips come optimize the power of Photoshop CC

At time you could see her Photoshop working an extremely slow if you shot to perform some operation. This might reason damage to her Photoshop paper while the is being rendered. If you ever before encounter this error on Mac, click below to deal with mac PSD files.

Photoshop CC is the most an effective imaging software, that is qualified of performing well if the appropriate performance preference is set. Yes, you read that right there are methods to optimize the performance of Photoshop CC.

Photoshop provides a few sets that preferences favor memory, cache, graphics processors and also displays. They have the right to be offered in optimizing Photoshop CC to do better. You can collection preferences based upon the means you usage the Photoshop CC.


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Following are few of the performance preferences that are provided to optimize Photoshop CC:

Change the allocated memory an are to PhotoshopThe lot of memory allocated come Photoshop will certainly play a significant role in deciding the performance of Photoshop.You can see the memory consumption area by going to Performance choices where you can discover out exactly how much RAM is accessible to Photoshop CC and suitable RAM allocation for your device to optimize Photoshop CC perform much better will be shown.By default ram allocation because that Photoshop CC is in ~ 70%, you have the right to increase this number in Let Photoshop use box and adjust the memory consumption slider accordingly. Restart Photoshop to enable your changes.

It is recommended not to boost the lamb allocation to more than 85% together it can impact other device performances.

Cache LevelsIncreasing the cache levels is another method of optimizing Photoshop CC for better performance. Though increasing cache levels boosts the responsiveness the Photoshop, pictures tend to take it a most time come load.There room three Cache pre-sets accessible in Photoshop, pick one based on your requirement:Web or UI design: friend can pick this choice if you space a user who greatly works with web, apps or display screen designing.Default or Photos: girlfriend can pick this alternative if you use Photoshop to modify or retouch moderate dimension images.Huge Pixel Dimension: This option allows you work extensively on heavy files in Photoshop. By default, the cache level is 4 if you use small files you can collection it to 1 or 2. If you use high measurement photos then set the cache level an ext than 4.Manage GPU Settings: A separate dialog for GPU setups is listed by Photoshop in the choices dialog. If a suitable video clip card is current in the system, the GPU settings will appear in the power section. You have the right to fine-tune the graphics cards performance by click on advanced settings and also select Basic, regular and progressed based on your requirement.Basic: This option allows you make very tiny use of GPU. Friend can select this choice if you have actually other applications making use of GPU.Normal: This is a default option in Photoshop, wherein it renders the most use of the GPU. If you space a user who usually uses open GL features, this alternative suits you.Advanced: This alternative is comparable to that of Normal mode as it uses the exact same amount that memory together the normal mode yet this setting enables an ext advanced functions to enable enhanced drawing performances. This alternative is ideal for working through 3D like substantial work.Automatically saving Recovery Information: “Automatically save Recovery info Every n sec” is one option available in Photoshop which lets you work-related on the file while Save and Save as regulates are performed. The Save in Background option is permitted by default in Photoshop.When you room performing regular Photoshop operations this save in Background alternative does not impact the power of Photoshop. Once you are working with big files the make complete usage of her RAM, the performance of Photoshop will be affected.

In order come optimize the power of Photoshop, walk to Preferences->File dealing with there you have the right to decrease the frequency that Automatically save Recovery information Every n sec.

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Scratch Disks: scrape disks space memory space committed to short-term storage only. This disks cannot be offered to permanently back-up files and these disks room usually provided in graphic style programs choose Photoshop. If you regulate Scratch disk properly it will directly affect the performance of Photoshop.By default, the exterior hard drive on i beg your pardon the operating device is installed is offered as a scratch disk in Photoshop. To enhance the performance of Photoshop collection a difficult disk with the many unused room as a scrape disk.

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Efficiency Indicator: over there is a feature referred to as Efficiency Indicator that lets you view the effectiveness of Photoshop if you occupational on it.If the indicator value is much less than 100%, that method Photoshop is utilizing your RAM and Scratch disk totally and for this reason the performance of Photoshop is slow.If the indicator value is less than 90%, think about allocating more RAM to Photoshop or add an ext RAM come the mechanism to optimize Photoshop performance.