ns am to run a vserver setting with several virtual machines. A single VM has the complying with problem:

Does anyone have any idea to help me, please?


TL;DR version: reinstall iputils-ping

I have seen virtual where it has been suggested to usage

chmod u+s $( i beg your pardon ping );However this will certainly permit the user to change the preload and flood. I beg your pardon could result in a USER being able come Denial Of service either her local maker or another machine or your network.

I make the efforts what
nabil-bourenane suggested, reinstalling iputils-ping which solved the issue for me and doesn"t have the SUID little set.

server:~$ ls -l $( which ping );-rwxr-xr-x 1 source root 44104 Nov 8 2014 /bin/pingIf the SUID little is set it will look like




The systems is to collection Linux system Capabilites to permit raw socket ~ above the host machine.

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Since this is a really v-server certain problem, the equipment is to develop a single-lined record named /etc/vservers/VMNAME/bcapabilities:

NET_RAWand reboot VM.


Sorry ns can"t comment. This difficulty hit me after ns extracting an archive of a working system over a minimal installation.

All above answers work. However the one suggest by
rexkogitans"s comment, right here I quote from iputils-ping.postinst (/var/lib/dpkg/info/...)

if command -v setcap > /dev/null; climate if setcap cap_net_raw+ep /bin/ping; climate chmod u-s /bin/ping rather echo "Setcap failed on /bin/ping, falling back to setuid" >&2 chmod u+s /bin/ping fielse echo "Setcap is not installed, falling earlier to setuid" >&2 chmod u+s /bin/pingfiwhich usually says when configuring iputils-ping, very first try setcap climate if that stops working use chmod u+s. That"s why reinstalling iputils-ping works.


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