Based ~ above a arsenal of happy bedtime story that children's book writer Jim Jinkins created and told come his kids, "Pinky Dinky Doo" blends computer animation with live activity and explores at an early stage literacy with storytelling and also interactive video game play.

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When Tyler gets storyteller's block, he and Pinky make up a story about making up a story in Made-Up Story Land, great Big sophisticated word: Storyteller. As soon as Pinky can't discover the final piece in her 3D robot puzzle, Grandma Dinky Doo teaches she to think big, good Big an elaborate word: Discouraged.

The Dinky Doos aid an elephant remember his favorite song, and also teach him not to it is in disruptive, good Big an intricate word: Disruptive. Teacher Guinea Pig the Brave traveler conquers his are afraid of the dark as soon as he go to find the Magic Corn the Popping, good Big sophisticated word: Reluctant.

Some that Pinky's girlfriend make funny of her for having poor breath. As soon as she has actually an chance to make funny of Daffinee, Pinky learns to treat world the way she wants to it is in treated, great Big an intricate word: Mortified. Pinky and also her friends discover to collaborate once they enter a food preparation contest in external space, great Big an elaborate word: Collaborate.

When Nicholas put on a magic display that walk wrong, Pinky help him learn just how to ask for help, an excellent Big an intricate word: Expert. Once Speed Rocket Guinea Pig start a big race, that learns to it is in persistent also when he's having some trouble, great Big sophisticated word: Peristent.

Always ask First: once things go absent all around an excellent Big City, Pinky and also the gang must discover a giant pink gorilla and also teach him come ask prior to taking something. Great Big fancy word: Permission. The pilgrimage Not Taken: Jinkins the butler misses his family! Pinky and Daffinee help him do a video clip about his friends to send to his family. Good Big an intricate word: Journey.
Burpzilla: A Miggy Monster called Burpzilla has eaten the city's electric plant! The super Duper Doos must discover to concentrate so lock can find out why Burpzilla is acting this way. An excellent Big an elaborate word: Concentrate. Happy Burpday: Pinky and also her friends travel to Squeedorp Prime trying to find a distinct birthday current for Daffinee. Good Big fancy word: Unique.
Tyler's Storybox Disaster: after ~ Tyler accidentally division the story box, Pinky tells a story about a catastrophe in great Big City and teaches him around doing the appropriate thing and also helping others. Good Big sophisticated word: Dilemma. Balloony Feet: Daffinee has actually trouble detect shoes for a fashion present when her "balloony feet" keep transforming sizes. An excellent Big sophisticated word: Quest.
Big Blob the Talk: Pinky's friend Blobby isn't listening! when he it s okay stuck in a moon-cheese flood, Pinky has to Listen big to help him out. Great Big sophisticated word: Hullabaloo. Vicki Chicken: Pinky and her friends aid Vicki Chicken find out to handle problems one action at a time. Good Big sophisticated word: Flustered.
The Thundering Thesaurus: when Pinky travels earlier to ancient times, a dinosaur dubbed Thesaurus helps ancient Pinky use an ext words in her stories. Good Big an intricate word: Thesaurus. The Pinkys Rock!: Pinky's band overcomes procrastination to put on a concert because that the whole world. An excellent Big an intricate word: Procrastinating.
Captain Doo and also her crew i think a most things about a brand-new planet -- till they visit planet Puppy and find out the facts. Good Big an elaborate word: Assume, Pinky and also Daffinee satisfy a brand-new friend and dance v an octopus in a submarine. An excellent Big sophisticated word: Substitute
Pinky Dinky Rex: dad Dinky Rex is nervous around trying new food once the family members has dinner v their vegetarian neighbors. Pinky to the rescue! good Big fancy word: Vegetarian. Puppy-Go-Seek: Pinky panics when she thinks she lost Daffinee's poodle, Fluffy Buffy Boo Boo. Great Big an elaborate word: Panic.
Pop The Corn: Pinky, Bobby, and also Daffinee are contestants top top a game show called pop the Corn. Good Big an intricate word: Suspense. Mr of the Pies: Pinky and Nicholas room on great Big Desserty Island and also have consumed too much pie. Now, they have to learn about following the rules.

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Great large Nature: Tyler doesn't want to walk outside, therefore Pinky tells a story about the wonders of an excellent Big Nature. An excellent Big an intricate word: Adventure. Monkey Town: huge Sister Monkey and also Baby Monkey find out to improvise when their doll is shed in the ocean. An excellent Big an intricate word: Improvise.
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