If you get a notice that girlfriend are outside your house area while streaming on playstation Vue or if the local networks have been replaced with those from one more geographical location, then you have to update your residence location. So just how do friend go about this?

No issue the an equipment you space using, you have the right to fix the game stations Vue ar error making use of the Fix her Location device that is listed by PlayStation.

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However, this technique may not work always and it is why us have detailed additional means to deal with the issue.

5 means to change your home location on playstations Vue

Method #1: upgrade your app

Sony has actually rolled out an update to enable viewers to stream playstation Vue content from anywhere in the USA. If your application is still offering you the ar error, an update can solve the problem.

You will only be required to get in your zip password which is used to recognize your house location. Keep in mind that you have the right to only stream the end of your house location for 59 days, after ~ which friend will obtain a notification that you should sign in from your home area again.

Method #2: Using settle Your Location

Fix Your place is a device that has actually been developed by playstation to aid users correct place errors. You can use that from your computer system or mobile device.

Requirements for using resolve Your LocationA Wi-Fi connection.Disable your VPNHow to use solve Your location on game stations Vue

To change or reset your location on playstation Vue, open your internet browser on your computer system or mobile machine and follow these steps:

Open playstations Vue on her browser and also sign in to her accountClick on her Account name, in ~ the top-right corner, and also select settingsGo to Manage Subscription > Subscription SummaryClick Fix your Location and also follow the prompts

Method #3: affix to the key router

You space going to encounter the “location error” on your PS Vue if you space using a second router. The error occurs many likely due to the fact that PS Vue detects the IP that the second device as a various location.

The easiest method to resolve this error is by connecting your maker to your primary router. Hotspots can likewise cause a comparable error.

Method #4: Disable your VPN

Make certain that you have disabled her VPN prior to streaming local channels on playstations Vue. The maker usually takes the brand-new location top top the VPN and displays contents for that details region.

By disabling her VPN, PS Vue will have the ability to detect her real place and carry out the suitable content.

Method #5: call PlayStation Vue support

If nobody of this fixes seems to work, get in touch with the PS support, either with their official website or social media.

Can you clock PS Vue away from home?

Yes. You have the right to stream playstations Vue on approximately 3 tools at the exact same time far from home. If you room using a Set-Top-Box or stick, you have the right to only usage one an equipment at a time away from your residence network.

If you are a sports fan, you will still have the ability to watch sports from your home area channel.

You can only clock PS Vue from external your home network for 59 days. On the 60th day, you will certainly be triggered to authorize in indigenous your residence location to proceed watching.

Can you clock PlayStation Vue when traveling?

Yes. You can access your favorite reflects from PS Vue’s My shows library when on the go. Girlfriend can include shows to her library and also even access on-demand shows.

However, you cannot record any type of content the is certain to the location you space visiting.

There you have actually it. Every the ways you have the right to use to fix the place error on playstations Vue.

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