The ultra popular POF application is a good way to meet people on the go! Its additionally doubly advantageous if you perform not own a computer. The lot of Of Fish application is available for every major platform choose Android, Blackberry and also iOS and installs in a issue of seconds. This well believed mobile application functions things prefer push notifications once you gain a article in your POF get mailbox and likewise configurable settings that allow you to disable notifications. Another amazing function with the dating application is the capability to browse other singles who are close by based on your existing Geo location. Plenty of Fish yes, really designed this app well and put all of the famous features the the website in the cell phone version. You will certainly instantly have accessibility on-the-go to your inbox and also never miss out on a message! The POF Search also works virtually identical come what us are acquainted with on the computer system browser, too! You deserve to now upgrade her membership if you wish ideal from her phone or mobile device.

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The POF Login is extremely simple and fast once you download the app. If you perform not have a many Of Fish login, download the app and also tap top top “sign up now” then fill out the forced fields and also you room on your way to mobile digital dating. If you currently have an account, just sign in together you would on the dating site. If you should download the app its easily accessible from both the iTunes or Google Play, store. The Blackberry variation of the application is obtainable at Just like the date site, POF Mobile app is completely totally free and supports multiple languages!

What you have the right to do through the POF App

This example will cover the POF application for Android, however the icons are essentially the same in the other mobile gadgets so the discovering curve will not it is in steep. Her main display after you sign in will certainly look something prefer this:


Send and Receive Messages

The message icon, if friend tap that will lug up her POF inbox. You have the right to send and receive message here. As shown in the image, this instance has 4 unread messages. Your unread messages will certainly be numbered. The default settings will allow you to obtain notifications with push, much like a message message. Therefore as long as the application is to run you will continue to acquire notifications from Plenty of Fish. If you carry out not want push notifications friend can conveniently turn this feature off.

Meet Locals

By tapping on the locals icon in the application will show you various other members situated near your existing position. This section sorts indigenous closest to furthest. If you are not in to much longer distance dating or probably want to fulfill up with someone close, this is a good place to watch who is close to you. The members presented here are only other members ~ above a mobile device using the POF app. Inspect this section regularly to watch updates follow to who is online. Friend never understand who might be in her area.

Use The satisfy Me Feature

The satisfy me duty works together it does on the POF dating site. A perform of virtual dating profiles comes up and you pick whether or not they room someone friend would like to meet. By selecting yes, this will notify the user that you space interested in meeting them. By selecting no, there is not a notice sent and you will not be presented their file again. You deserve to express interest almost everywhere from your mobile phone or iPad. Give the fulfill me attribute a try, that is a great way come let someone know you room interested.

POF application Mobile Search

The cell phone search works the same means the normal POF find does. When you insanity this symbol it will lug up a list of dating profiles. You deserve to then click refine find to use much more advanced search features such together body type, an individual habits, age, gender, etc. If you desire to usage the username search, swipe to the left and also there will certainly be a text field where you deserve to search because that a particular user on her mobile device.


By tapping this icon you have the right to view your very own profile. There are choices here to edit your profile as well. Friend can additionally upload some new images or modify existing image you have actually on your profile. It is always a good idea to store your dating profile stocked v fresh brand-new images. If selfies are not your thing, questioning a friend to snap a few photos the you and upload them straight from your phone!

Viewed Me

When you tap the regarded me icon, you gain 2 different lists. The default perform is who viewed you. Possibly you space curious on who checked you out? This is the means know and it prices nothing. If you desire to watch a perform of the dating profiles you have viewed, simply swipe to the left and you have the right to rediscover who you have actually viewed.


The favorites section is wherein you will discover everyone you added to your favorites. You deserve to view their profile or send castle a article from this ar as well. Friend can also see by swiping come the left who added you as a favorite. If someone adds you as a favorite, don’t be shy, it could be a an excellent time to contact them. You deserve to do this every from the high-end of the mobile app.

Adjusting your setups in the POF App

The last point to cover is the settings in the POF app and also how to adjust them. By click in the ideal hand edge of the screen you will come across a fall down food selection with the choice of settings. When you room in the settings, you can select to disable your location. This method you will certainly not show up in the locals section. You additionally have the capacity to change notifications. If you get an email for example. Girlfriend can also alter the notice sounds if you like. Over there is a log out switch at the very bottom that the display for your convenience if you great to authorize out of POF.

At this suggest there is no means to delete your profile making use of the mobile app. Girlfriend will have actually to accessibility a computer to delete POF.

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