This GMS2 project will certainly show you just how a Pokemon-like revolve based battle engine have the right to be made.

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The engine will certainly contain:

- 151 editable monsters (you have the right to include even more if you want)

- Monster's base stats and also level convariation formulas

- Original damages calculation with important hits, modifiers and also stab 

- Experience obtaining at the finish of a battle

- Monster's status conditions

- Editable moves via accuracy, PPs and power

- Moves via tags, such as: NO_ADDITIONAL_EFFECT, SPEED_UP_2, POISON_SIDE_EFFECT, and so on...

- Moves computer animation device (you deserve to also include your very own animations)

- Solid fight manager FSM (Finite State Machine)

All the monsters and moves data are loaded with Json records so that they deserve to be conveniently edited by everyone.

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You have the right to purchase it or attempt the HMTL5 demo on:

Explanatory Video

If you have any inquiries or concerns, please contact me at AlexFerrer96

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Damn, I mischeck out that as Text Based Battle Engine and got excited for a second tright here...

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I’m sorry for that. Maybe I will certainly make one later