So, girlfriend were playing Pokemon go for a lengthy time and suddenly faced the error password 0?

What is error 0 in Pokemon GO?

Error 0 in Pokemon GO means that over there is no error in the game. However, the failure to obtain Friends list error pops up whenever you want to send gifts or add brand-new friends. The error 0 won’t impact any part of the video game other than loading the friend’s list.

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In this post, ns am about to display you just how you can conveniently fix error code 0 in Pokemon GO.

So, Let’s acquire started.

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Here are the procedures to clean Pokemon go cache files:

Press top top the Home screen of her Phone and also Go come Settings.Scroll down and select Apps.
Select manage Apps and also find Pokemon Go.Click on clean Cache and Relaunch the game.
NB: clear Cache every mainly if you log in in come the video game frequently. This will avoid you native errors.
2. Clean the Data of the Game

Clear the data of the game if clearing the cache doesn’t work for you. However remember, by clearing the data that Pokemon GO, the games right now logged in data will certainly delete too. You must re-enter the login credentials to continue the game.

Here room the actions to clear a game’s data ~ above android:

Go to setups > Apps.Click on control APPS and find the Pokemon walk application.Select clear Data and also Restart her Phone.Relaunch the game and also Enter the login credentials.
NB: Clearing app DATA may disable Adventure Sync. If you permitted your adventure sync, recheck the it’s still toggled on.
3. Update Pokemon GO

This step is vital because, together a hardcore Pokemon fan, I desire to beat Pokemon go no issue what. But, I have seen civilization downloading the hack variation or the previous version from third-party sources instead of downloading and install it from PlayStore or app Store.

Know the game’s requirements, and if your an equipment doesn’t assistance the game, nothing forcefully download it because it’s typical to challenge error zero on ahead versions the the game.


For those that play Pokemon go for months, examine if the application is up-to-date. Nothing just allow Playstore no to update any type of application until you to speak so.

The applications should be up-to-date.

Here’s just how to ensure your Pokémon GO application is up to date:

Go come Playstore or application Store and also search because that Pokemon GO.Click upgrade if there is an updated version of the game.

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4. Check your web connection

Ensure the your machine is connected to an Internet resource (Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G). Shot to switch internet connections in between Wi-Fi and 3G or 4G and check if the error persists or not.

5. Usage Automatic mechanism Time

Set your Device’s Date and Time come Automatic because Pokemon GO provides the AR Sync to match the environment. Walk to setups > basic > Date and also Time > set Date & Time Automatically.


6. Reconnect Google’s accessibility to Pokémon GO

This step is likewise applicable to settle login issues of Pokemon GO. Update Google’s link to Pokémon GO. You i will not ~ hamper your game progress. So, the a for sure method.

Here are the steps to refreshing Google’s access to Pokemon GO:

Go come Google’s Connected application Settings page.Select Pokemon walk from the list.Click remove to disconnect Pokemon walk from Google.Launch the game and Enter the Login credentials.Allow Google to attach them through the Game.7. Reinstall Pokemon GO

Every day, brand-new bugs and errors occur in the game due to the fact that this kind of video game is an initial made in the people where AR syncs perfectly v your environment. So, it’s typical to display such errors.

However, every error code has actually a fix. This error zero, an interpretation there is no error, additionally has a definitive fix.

If clearing both cache and data no help, you can download Pokemon Go and install it on your device. But, before you freshly install the game, make sure to delete every the stored data from your device’s paper Manager.

Go to file Manager > warehouse > Pokemon GO. Delete this record and install the latest variation of the game from the Play keep or app Store.

Why is my friends list not working on Pokémon Go?

Your friend’s perform is not functioning on Pokemon GO since of Error 0. Because of Error zero, friend cannot add friends nor send gifts to them. Reinstall the video game or clear the game’s cache to deal with error code 0 ~ above pokemon go.

Do note that, you need to be level 10 to include friends. To include friends, go to the Add new friend option and enter the Trainer Code. Wait for the notice to pop up on your friend’s screen. Increase the friendship levels between you and also your buddy by sending gifts.But, If you challenge pokemon error 0 on iphone or Android climate you can’t send them gifts.

Final Thoughts

Pokemon walk is somewhat distinct from various other pokemon games. Niantic did preserve this game error-free because that a long duration. But, Pokemon walk won’t open in some cases. And sometimes show error zero. In the case, you can troubleshoot the game by following the measures mentioned in mine guide.

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I hope you can now interact with friends, send lock gifts, interact with pokemon and the red error zero notice won’t pop up.

If friend face any other pokemon go errors climate do cite them in the comment below. Ns will absolutely make a new guide for you beginners and also professionals. You Gotta Catch’em All!