If you’re handle with Pokémon GO difficulties we’re here to help. In this guide we go over a list of the most common Pokémon walk problems, errors or bugs and also offer advice on just how to fix them. Even if it is you simply started play again because that the release of Gen 5, trainer battles and the new buddy system, or have took pleasure in it because that years, here’s what you need to know.

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Now that Pokémon GO has been the end for number of years Niantic has actually fixed a slew of problems. Almost all the small glitches indigenous 2016 or 2017 room a thing of the past. However, recent updates prefer PvP Trainer battles and the AR buddy function have introduced brand-new Pokémon go errors that proceed to plague players in ~ the finish of 2019.

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Whether that’s Error 0 when you begin the game, Pokémon walk unable to authenticate, the video game won’t load, girlfriend AR crashes, gps not found, pressure closes and more. Below is a run-down the any and all difficulties that users have reported for this reason far. If Niantic or the Pokémon go community has a deal with or workaround, we’ve included it too.

Pokémon go Problems

Blue display When Loading

Some football player noticed the game freezing when very first opened. This users obtain a bluescreen, yet nothing else happens. Or, it merely opens to a display screen where it’s half blue sky and half green v a line down the middle.

To obtain past this, shot holding down the multitasking or current apps button on your phone. ~ above Android, this is the square switch on the right/left side of the home button. On iPhone, twin tap the home button. This place the video game into memory and as you prepare to switch to a various app, and also it refreshes when you re-open the game. Now, just tap the square or tap Pokémon GO and open the video game again.


Battery drain Caused by the Game

Pokémon go works by utilizing your device’s Wi-Fi and also GPS sensor to find out where you space in the world. Her data connection, GPS, WiFi, sensors, and sometimes even your camera run non-stop while you play. Because of this, the video game is a battery life hog. Walk you understand you have the right to keep the display off and also save battery life while friend play and walk around? Here’s how:


Tap or click the Pokeball at the bottom of her screen. Tap setups on the top-right. Now tap Battery Saver. This setup should aid your call consume a small less battery power as soon as you’re enjoying the video game by turning the display 90% off. It still runs, you’ll hear spawns, however your phone will certainly last longer and it won’t get as hot. Or, Gotta be Mobile’s 14 finest Smartphone Portable Battery Chargers round-up is full of chargers that can prolong the life of your phone as soon as playing any game.

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No Pokémon near You

Some gamers don’t view Gyms and PokeStops top top the map about them, in spite of having the game installed correctly. When this happens, yes nothing you deserve to do. PokeStops and also Gyms get put on the map through the game itself, no randomly. World who live in low population areas tend to have fewer Gyms and PokeStops close to them.

In the early days, you might request a Pokéstop in your ar or place of business, however that’s no much longer an option. Instead, select players that room level 40 can do portal and Pokestop submissions. However, these need to be windy places, no businesses, away from real estate developments, and also get shown by the community. We’re glad they re-introduced submissions in 2019, but most of lock still get denied.


 Pokémon walk Won’t Install

Pokémon GO has some very particular requirements. Your phone demands at the very least 2GB that RAM and Android 4.4. If your machine doesn’t satisfy those requirements and also Pokémon walk won’t install. The video game doesn’t work-related on anything through an Intel processor inside. Also, the game has trouble working with some Android tablet computers as countless don’t have integrated GPS. You have the right to still pat on one Android tablet though, you’ll simply need a great WiFi link so the can gain location data. Otherwise, your character won’t move and nothing will certainly spawn.

On iPhone, things are simpler. Apple users need an iPhone, iPad or iPad Touch to run iOS 8.0 or above.

Pokémon GO Won’t Open

Randomly, Pokémon go boots customers or failure to log in them in. That’s regardless of it being available in your territory. This happens as soon as the game’s servers acquire overloaded. You’ll need to wait for the number of people do the efforts to access the game to fall before you can obtain in.

Recently this just happens come those signing in with a Pokémon Trainer society account. Niantic’s servers constantly go down during busy events or community Days. Us recommend linking her PTC account to facebook or Google to stop these login issues.

Another factor the video game won’t open up is if you don’t have actually the latest update. For the Generation 5 release in October, Niantic make the latest upgrade a requirement, and much more and more updates lately room required. Furthermore, the late December buddy mechanism update damaged the video game for numerous players. Pokemon walk gets come the loading screen and also never starts, especially for world with old phones or tablet computers running Android 6.0 Marshmallow, favor those old Galaxy tablets. Niantic is mindful of the problem and will hopefully deal with it prior to 2020.

We go hear that uninstalling and re-installing the game functioned for civilization with newer iPhone or Android devices.


GPS not Found

Pokémon GO uses internet connectivity and also GPS modern technology to pin down whereby you are in the genuine world. When general practitioners location isn’t present, the various other picks increase the slack. In ~ least, that’s what need to happen.


Some users acquire error notifications saying “GPS no Found.” some old Android gadgets don’t come v GPS modern technology turned on; you have to activate it. Watch in settings to allow GPS tracking. In Android 5.0, the move for gps is in the Privacy and also Settings area inside the setups app.

If you still gain a gps Not discovered error in Pokémon walk you must update your place settings on her phone, at the very least for Android. Go to Settings > defense & location > or simply tap the search magnifying glass and kind in “Location”. That’s the most basic way.


Turn on location, climate look or search for “Location Mode” or Locating Method. This is really important as it controls how your call (and Pokémon) finds your location. A most phones are collection to WiFi just to keep battery life. Pick “High Accuracy” or the top choice as displayed above. You want to use GPS, WiFi and Mobile Networks because that the best gaming experience. This is still among the most frustrating Pokémon GO problems for me.

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Deleting her Pokémon walk Account

Not everyone is comfortable v the amount of information that Pokémon GO tracks. It doesn’t appear that Niantic is using data, but some would quite be safe. In How to remove Your Pokemon go Account, we go you with the procedure of removing your account native the game.

Trainer earlier at Level 1

If you log ago into the game and also your progression is gone, you may have actually two accounts, according to Niantic. Try logging the end of the game, then logging ago in utilizing a Trainer society Account or Google Account, relying on which you’ve currently tried. This was an problem a few years ago, but we started seeing reports surface again in march of 2019 after ~ an update.

If you proceed to have this trouble we introduce you unlink her account from facebook or Google, or similar, and only sign in with a Trainer society login, or just your Google account.


Missing items Purchased v Gold

If her account is missing things that you’ve purchased through the Shop, Niantic proposal signing the end of her account from the settings area and signing back in. If that doesn’t work, shot restarting her device. This is one of the much more frustrating Pokémon walk problems.

Freezing When recording Pokémon

On Apple’s iPhones, users report the Pokémon GO freezes consistently as soon as trying to complete a capture. Why this happens is unclear, but Reddit customers report the switching their LTE link in the Cellular settings from ~ above to off solves the problem. Without LTE the video game can still usage the rest of the cellular network come connect. Here at the finish of 2019 to be still seeing this occasionally, especially with egg hatches.

Android has actually this worry too. Pressure closing the application adds the creatures to your inventory. Tap top top the symbol in the bottom-left corner. Next, open up the journal to watch if your record was successful after the freeze.

Pokémon Don’t Look as if castle Are approximately You

If your maker is an effective enough come run Pokemon walk but is absent some essential hardware, the game downgrades chin to allow you to play. For the complete experience, her phone demands an web connection, a gps sensor and a compass. There is no the compass and GPS sensor, you end up with a paired down version of the game that doesn’t require you come look around a room and also search because that the creatures.


Pokémon walk Server Issues

Frequently, Pokemon GO suffers from huge server outages together millions try to log right into the video game at the exact same time. Before planning to walk on the hunt for brand-new creatures, go ahead and use the Pokemon GO Sever standing website to watch if others are having problems. Again, this usually only happens come PTC accounts. If you sign in with Google you probably never resolve this. If so, shot playing the game a tiny later or in a couple of hours.

Can’t readjust Your Trainer surname (Update)

If you generally get errors when trying to adjust your account name, it’s since that surname is currently taken by one more Trainer. The video game tells you if that’s the case.

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If the game doesn’t enable you to change your account surname at all, it’s since you already changed your surname too many times. You have the right to only adjust your Trainer name in Pokémon go onceThat said, we’re listening a few reports that people can change it much more than once. Additionally, there’s a scary Pokémon walk glitch ~ a June upgrade where the game asks friend to adjust your name, and some human being lost your account. So, only readjust your name if YOU want to. If you watch that popup just close the game and also re-open the later.

You room Going Too fast Error Message

Pokémon GO detects how quick you are moving. This feature allows it to lock the video game down as soon as you’re talk in a car or biking, conserving you top top wasted battery and data. It’s likewise so you can’t flower an unlimited amount of egg while friend drive. If you have actually the “Going as well Fast” error message, it’s because of this. You deserve to override this feature with the I’m a Passenger button underneath the error message. Only perform so if friend really space a passenger. Seriously, your life isn’t as crucial as an invisible monster, also if it’s a 100% IV. It is in smart, don’t play and also drive.

You’ve been Banned indigenous Pokémon walk for Cheating

Some football player use gps tricks to make the game think that they space in a different location than they actually are. Others produced bots to capture much more creatures in the game. Using either can and will obtain you permanently banned from Pokémon GO. 

Niantic shared its banning policy on the Pokémon GO website in 2016 yet updated it in July of 2018 through a new 3-strike rule. In ~ first, you’ll obtain a warning, climate a red banner popup. The third strike is a irreversible ban and you’ll lose whatever forever. The game looks because that cheaters and particular apps throughout startup, therefore if you have them on your phone you’ll gain caught. At launch, this wasn’t the case. In addition to issuing bans for usual cheating methods, Niantic block the video game from working on rooted Android smartphones. This isn’t a Pokémon go problem, it’s a girlfriend problem.

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Unable come Authenticate. Please shot Again Error

Another usual issue that began in mid-2018 and also still wake up today, over a year later, is the unable to authenticate glitch. Once players try to sign in (or re-sign into one more account) top top Pokémon GO they obtain an “Unable come Authenticate. Please shot Again” error and also cannot log in in. This is very frustrating and we’ve only discovered two potential fixes. And also you can’t even call these fixes.


For one, just close the game and also re-start and also this fixes it almost every time. Don’t just hit home and go back. We median tap on current apps (on Android) and also swipe away to close and also clear the game. Or double-tap the home button on iPhone and close Pokémon GO. Then reopen the video game and shot to log in. If you acquire your password wrong, you’ll probably get this error again, too. So, close it again, and restart the app.

This is very frustrating and we think Niantic isn’t addressing it come deter cheaters who authorize in ~ above multiple accounts at a time. If you’re still suffering this on Android go to Settings > Apps > all Apps > Pokémon go > and also hit Force close or force Stop. This manually close the door the video game completely. Currently start the game and also log in.

Trainer Battles problems (PvP Problems)

One that the latest and possibly many exciting new feature in Pokémon walk is Trainer Battles, additionally known together PvP attacks. Taking the idea behind raid battles, making it better, and also letting players battle other players and friends. PvP got included in December 2018, however it’s resulting in tons of troubles for gamers. Below a year later, and also they’re still an altering and do the efforts to improve this system.


If you’re still having actually a difficult time with the Trainer Battles, you’re no alone. This somewhat brand-new feature is still incredibly buggy, laggy, and also often fails. We’re hearing reports the the whole game freezing, error popups, PvP battles ending early, erroring out completely, or simply being unable to obtain into a PvP fight to start with. Particularly those v Galaxy phones.

While Niantic at some point fixed the at an early stage issues, the PvP mechanism is still pretty destructive so we have actually a couple of tips. For one, make sure you both have a an excellent internet link or a heavy signal. Then, we recommend both players restart the game, then begin the Trainer Battle. Irritating, but that’s the only way mine aren’t failing.

Then, through all the sync and also lag issues, don’t simply random tap the screen. Wait, be patient, and also only tap when you’re claimed to, or tap the shield button. This PvP battles room fun, lucrative and exciting, just know the you might have a few problems along the way.

Pokémon walk Errors (Error 0, Error 12, Error 33, etc)

We might make whole article about Pokémon GO difficulties or errors, however today we’ll just emphasis on the greatest or constant ones. Some of these encompass Error 0, Error 11,12 (for general practitioners failure) and also even Error 33.


Lately, we’re see a ton of reports around Error 0 top top login. This relates come the “Friends” attribute in Pokémon GO and usually surfaces once the game cannot discover or stops working to get the girlfriend list. Niantic is still progressively working out any type of remaining bugs or glitches v the brand-new Friends feature, for this reason we have actually no resolve for this right now. The only way around that is to just close the game and also re-open it. The second time it’ll fill your friends and work as expected. If not, try force closeup of the door it.

Error 11 or Error 12 relates come your general practitioners signal, for this reason scroll ago up to that ar and shot those fixes. Another common glitch is the Error 33. This happens as soon as you try to start a raid, during gym battles and is known as the “can’t acquire past the GO” message on battles. The error is from time-sync issues between your app and also the video game servers. A prime instance is if you shot to sign up with a Raid right when the timer runs out, or shot to sign up with friends come take under a gym right as they defeat a monster. The video game servers space rotating come the next Pokémon for them while serving you the male they just took down. That small window the lag causes the error. Just shot again and you’ll gain in without any kind of problems.


As us said earlier the video game is pretty an excellent these days. Thankfully 2019 was a big year. Players lastly had a possibility to capture Celebi and also Deoxys, we acquired a glowing MewTwo, buddy system, and also Niantic released Gen 5. Now, the developers are still finishing the last few Gen 5 releases, wrapping up 2019 complete of December events, and has already announced the very first January 2020 ar day. Gain ready for tons of amazing features in Pokemon go throughout 2020, go fest in the summer, and also much more.

While we still conference bugs here and there, the rest of the endure is pretty good unless you’re trying to use a walk Plus or Go-tcha. For whatever reason anytime I shot to attach the go Plus the game pressure closes top top Android. It still works, it’s just a hassle. Hope we aided you reap the video game a little more with this tips, fixes, and also suggestions.

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We’re expecting part friends lists, buddy, and AI fixes shortly, and also likely some brand-new bugs as they proceed to release gen 5 monsters. Gotta be Mobile will continue to add to this perform of Pokémon go problems and fixes as brand-new issues arrive. Anyone with a compatible phone have the right to download the video game from the iTunes application Store or Google pat Store.