Everything you must know around Pokémon sun & Moon pre-order bonuses and also all the different versions available

Pokémon sunlight & Moon, the latest entries in the Pokémon franchise, arecloser 보다 ever. North Americans will gain the gamings this Friday, November 18, while europe will need to wait until November 23.

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With all the various versions and also pre-order bonuses available for so many regions, this is the location where you have the right to learn i m sorry one is for you and if the is worth the pre-order or not. Pokémon sun and Pokémon Moonare playable on every the consoles in the 3DS family, which has the initial 3DS, the new 3DS and the 2DS.

Pre-Order Bonuses

The extra contentfor pre-ordering Pokémon SunorPokémon Moon ispretty simple. There are only two bonuses. The an initial one is a double-sided poster accessible exclusively in some stores, favor GameStop. If you opt for this option, you will have topick up the poster in ~ the physics store, bringing through you a printed copy that your acquisition confirmation.

The 2nd one is obtainable for everyone the getsany that the versions before January 11, 2017: a complimentary Pokémon! This in-game gift is composed ofa Munchlax, that carries a special item dubbed Snorlium Z. This objectallows the Pokémon to discover an exclusive Z-Move dubbed Pulverizing Pancake once it evolves into Snorlax. Z-Moves are new movements introduced in Pokémon sun & Moon that just a few Pokémon room able to perform.

Editions ofPokemon Sun and Moon

Standard execution ($39.99)


The regular version that Pokémon sunlight & Mooncomes with your selection of the SunorMoon basegame and is available in part stores at a special discounted price. Friend can discover both of castle in Amazon because that $31.99. This offer only applies if you are a prime Amazon member, and also comes through a totally free release job delivery.

Best Buyprovides the very same discount to members that its Gamers club program, which conserves up to 20% that the full price. These uses are also accessible for any of the different editionson both websites.

Pokémon Sun and also Moon double Pack ($79.99)

This bundle comes with both gamings in two various cartridges, perfect because that collectionists, siblings, hardcore fans, or anyone who is interested in acquiring Pokémon sunlight and Pokémon Moon at the same time. Lock come v two codes to unlock 200 Pokéballs in each rate -- i m sorry will aid you catch "em all from the really start.

You can acquire this pack from many of the main retailers top top the Internet, likeBest Buy. Top top Amazon, over there is a distinct edition that comes in asteelbook case with the map of the Alola an ar on the inside. However, the is currently sold out, and also it is unknown if Nintendo will certainly replenish this exclude, edition.


This packcomes through Pokémon sunlight and Pokémon Moon, as well as the main strategy guide for both of them. The publication includes a detailed, step-by-step walkthrough of the games, every the places of the Pokémon, extensive clues on varied fields, a pullout map the the Alola region, and several lists with all the moves, items, and also more.

This bundle isa GameStop exclude, offer. However, you can gain the items separately atother websites.

This market is very similar to the ahead one, yet this collector"s execution strategy guidehas part extra content, on height of everything had in the standard one.Ithas a different, much more stylized cover and also eight high-quality double sided lithographs of principle artwork in a security sleeve. This exclusive concept art from game Freak allows the reader to take a watch behind the scenes at brand-new Pokémon, trainers,locations, and also more.

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This bundle is aimed to the many hardcore Pokémon fans and also collectors, who space interested in everything Pokémon-related. The is only obtainable in a couple of retailers, favor GameStop.

Are you going come pre-order Pokémon Sun, Pokémon Moon or both? which edition room you most interested in? call me in the comment ar below!