Hey Pokémon Trainers, together we get more into testing and advancement of ours Pokémon tabletop RPG, we believed it’d be fun to provide you a peek right into the architecture process. So here’s the first entry in our brand-new dev diary series!

I’ll try to keep the preamble short, but first of all, we have actually a brand-new working title because that what we’ve been calling PTU 2.0 up to now: Pokémon Journeys

We’ve heard feedback requesting a new name to far better reflect how large of a paradigmatic change the system is from PTU 1.05, and we likewise feel we’ve long outgrown the “United” brand which was originally meant come juxtapose the mechanism with PTA. So that’s what we’re calling the system…for now. Things might change, as always!

If friend haven’t taken a look at our playtest docs and drafts yet, you have the right to see them in ~ this link.

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Okay, that the end of way, stop talk about how we’re approaching one of the most amazing shifts in Pokémon Journeys: Every Pokémon will have actually a custom relocate list, including many new Moves we’re writing ourselves to to fill holes in a particular form or mon’s repertoire.

It wasn’t basic decision to commit to curating relocate lists for all mons in Pokémon Journeys. On top of the sheer amount of work it creates because that us, that also way we hold more responsibility currently for the system’s in its entirety Pokémon balance and can’t happen the buck come Gamefreak once a mon has garbage Moves.

But we believe there room astounding benefits to it. The slim size and also scope of part Pokémons’ TM and also Tutor list in 1.05 to be not only unwieldy, however it made specific Moves much too prevalent, such together Ice Beam and also Thunderbolt. Beforehand Gen Pokémon could usually enjoy wide coverage from your TM and Tutor choices whereas later on Gens showed up to have been assigned those move with an ext scrutiny. Extreme disparities existed in ~ generations too. In comparison to the evident Move lottery winners choose Clefable and also the Nidos, the relocate lists because that Pokémon like Electrode would make friend think someone at Gamefreak had actually it out for them.

Let’s take it a look in ~ some instance Pokémon move lists, and also I’ll define what we did follow me the way. However first, a fast disclaimer: whatever in this article is accurate as that time that writing, yet if you’re looking in ~ this post weeks or month later, don’t be surprised if our drafts watch different.

Case Study: Natu / Xatu

Alright! here’s Natu’s natural Move list from PTU 1.05, through Air slash from Xatu added in:

1 Leer – Normal1 Peck – Flying6 Night the shade – Ghost9 Teleport – Psychic12 happy Chant – Normal17 Stored power – Psychic20 Ominous Wind – Ghost23 Confuse ray – Ghost25 Air slash – Flying28 wish – Normal33 Psychic – Psychic36 wonder Eye – Psychic39 Psycho change – Psychic44 Future sight – Psychic47 safety Swap – Psychic47 strength Swap – Psychic50 Me first – Normal

…It’s awful! No special STAB till Level 17, and also it’s stored Power through no natural CS move at the point. Until then, it’s stuck to Peck and also Night Shade, the latter of i m sorry is useless at short levels. It no get one more Psychic relocate until 33 either. Many of the monster Psychic energy Moves it it s okay at greater levels aren’t very great in PTU either. In theory, it’s pretty cool that Natu and also Xatu obtain so countless utility Moves the let it it is in an unpredictable sharper in battle, yet it’s just not straightforward Pokémon to usage in practice.

Here’s the existing draft for Natu and also Xatu’s relocate List in Pokémon Journeys. Moves in the left tower are herbal Moves, and Moves top top the appropriate are learned v Tutoring.

StartPeck, Psywave, Night Shade, Leer, lucky Chant, Teleport
Tier 1Air Cutter, patience Mind, confused Ray, Ominous WindAlly Switch, Encourage, hidden Power
Tier 2Miracle Eye, Psychic, Psycho Shift, WishLight Screen, Reflect, Mystical Fire
Tier 3Cyclone, Future Sight, Me First, Stat SwapChilling Gaze, Roost, Telekinesis
Tier 4Pain Split, Foretell Doom, Liminal RitesMirror Move, Magic Coat, Psych Up
EvoEvolves come Xatu in ~ Level 7.Xatu evolution Move: air Slash

Well, that collection of beginning Moves doesn’t look any far better at first glance. Both Psywave and also Night Shade carry out level-based HP lose in 1.05, and also that’s useless at short levels. However wait! we noticed that so plenty of Pokémon gain Night the shade at reasonably low levels, before it i do not care useful, that it made much more sense to simply turn it right into a usable early on game Move, together follows:

Night Shade – Ghost versatile – EOT – DB2 – AC 3 – selection 6, 1 Target – top top 17+ the target provides attacks against the user as if Blinded for one full round and cannot do Punish Attacks against the user for that time.

The brand-new Versatile attack type means the Move have the right to be provided with either strike or one-of-a-kind Attack, which helps cement Night Shade as a reliable beforehand game damages Move we can offer to Ghosts and other spooky Pokémon.

We gave Psywave a similar treatment, transforming it right into a high crit selection Move to retain few of its luck-based character.

Psywave – Psychic distinct – EOT – DB3 – AC 2 – selection 4, 1 Target – 17+: Critically Hits

You might an alert the brand-new Move Cyclone ~ above Natu’s list. We developed it because there’s no a unique Flying relocate that sits between Air Slash and also Hurricane. The previous is also weak to it is in a move learned only at higher Tiers, and also Hurricane is a tad committed and not always the type of attack a Special-oriented Flying type wants come use. Cyclone is a little bit weaker and can hit fewer potential targets 보다 Hurricane, yet it has actually the benefit of slightly much better accuracy, range, and a Hazard-clearing effect.

Cyclone – Flying special – step x2 – DB 5 – AC 4 – 5 sq, Ranged Blast 2, Smite – Cyclone destroys all Smokescreens and also Hazards in the targeted squares, regardless of whether it hits. Push all targets hit 1 square far from the targeted squares.

On the whole, the Natu heat still learns plenty of utility Moves, much much more than many Pokémon do, because that’s a vital part that its identity and makes it a much more interesting Pokémon come use. Yet it walk get enough attacking choices to function early ~ above and every one of its damaging moves are more universally useful rather 보다 niche move such together Stored Power.

We’ve done a little bit to touch increase how helpful some that the tricky energy Moves the Natu line it s okay too. For example:

Miracle Eye – Psychic status – EOT – Minor action – self – because that the remainder of the user’s turn, their Psychic-Type attacks gain the reliable Keyword, neglect Dark’s immunity to Psychic damage, and also cannot it is in Intercepted.

Stat Swap – Psychic condition – scene – Minor action – range 8, 1 Target, trustworthy – Stat Swap can not miss. Choose Power or Guard. If you decided Power, you and your target profession Attack and Special assault values through each various other for one complete round. If you made decision Guard, you and also your target profession Defense and Special Defense values with each other for one full round.

Finally, the video clip games didn’t sell us enough in the means of status Moves the were strong enough to it is in classified under Tier 4, for this reason we created our own there too. Liminal Rites is a custom move I favor a lot for being both a potential damaging Move and a form of amazing utility.

Liminal Rites – Ghost status – step – Move activity – Self, Priority – Liminal Rites must be asserted as Priority at the start of a round. Pick Burst 1, 2, or 3 approximately the user. Because that the rest of the Round, anytime a target start or exit the favored area the effect, the user may perform a Ghost-Typed DB 5 special Attack versus the target as a cost-free Action v a +3 bonus to Accuracy Roll. Targets struggle by this assault are Flinched. If no assaults are motivated as a an outcome of Liminal Rites, the Frequency is not expended.

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Turning more Moves right into Move or minor Actions has actually opened increase the design space for Moves the have amazing effects however are as well weak because that anyone to take into consideration using together a typical Action. They also complicate her decision top top which move to learn and also keep in a great way—do you desire to pick up one more coverage move or other to fill the boy Actions you’d be otherwise passing up each round?

Case Study: Wooper vs Mudkip Lines

One an obstacle we’ve run into with custom relocate lists, as well as the apparent enormous amount of occupational it is come curate Moves because that 800+ Pokémon, is how to handle varieties lines that on-face seem fairly similar.

Take the Wooper and also Mudkip lines, for example. Both room bulky Water/Ground varieties that lean physical and get a the majority of Moves beginning with “Mud”. Abilities aside, that’s fairly similar. Luckily for us, they’re already distinguished from each other in their coverage—mainly that the Mudkip line it s okay nice Fighting and also Rock Moves naturally in addition to that STAB species and the Wooper line it s okay diddly squat. This is what we did through the two.

First, the Wooper line relocate List:

StartWater Gun, bubble Slide, Tail Whip, mud Sport, dirt Shot
Tier 1Bulldoze, Yawn, Slime Tackle, HazeEncourage, Glomp, Safeguard
Tier 2Slam, play Rough, Aqua Tail, AmnesiaZen Headbutt, Encore, ice Punch
Tier 3Earthquake, Muddy Water, Recover, Sludge WaveCounter, stole Tail, Toxic
Tier 4Carefree Smile, Gunk Shot, WaterfallJoyful Bound, belly Drum, Endure
EvoEvolves to Quagsire at 7.Quagsire advancement Move: Stockpile

Now, the Mudkip line relocate List:

StartTackle, Growl, Water Gun, Mud-Slap, Foresight
Tier 1Bide, mud Shot, rock Throw, Water PulseDouble Kick, Bulldoze, Bite
Tier 2Take Down, Water Pledge, dirt Bomb, DiveStrength, Power-Up Punch, Whirlpool
Tier 3Stomping Tantrum, rock Edge, Protect, SwaggerCounter, Avalanche, bulk Up
Tier 4Hammer Arm, Rest, Sleep TalkHydro Cannon, vast Guard, Giga Impact
EvoEvolves to Marshtomp in ~ Level 5. Evolves come Swampert in ~ Level 9.Marshtomp advancement Move: StompSwampert development Move: Muddy Water

Both Pokémon start off similarly, however in Tier 1 you can currently start to see differences. Whereby the Mudkip heat gets organic Rock coverage as it does in the video games, we offered the Wooper line Poison coverage to complement its lore around coating itself in poison ooze. The Wooper line likewise plays a bit an ext support and has much more AOE Moves where the Mudkip line focuses on single target violation with great natural coverage. The so late game options offer each line various tricks they can do through synergistic Moves—the Mudkip heat gets remainder Talking while the Wooper heat gets ship Drum, with Endure to assist guarantee it has actually a revolve to attack after using it.

Another readjust we made come accommodate Pokémon of different Stat leanings is to make all the mud Moves Versatile. The Pokémon because that whom mud Moves make feeling conceptually are split all over the place between Physical and Special, and rather than write a new equivalent set of Moves because that the physical set, we decided to do those move equally helpful to both.

Next Time: I’d choose to talk about how us think v playtesting—how we interpret and also examine playtest sessions, what provides for good playtest feedback, and some examples of insights we’ve found and decisions we’ve make based turn off of our playtests.

As always, you can uncover us on our Discord server if you wanna provide us feedback or simply pop in come chat.