In 1963, the Polaroid Corporation introduced the automatic 100 land Camera (also well-known as the version 100). Called after Polaroid co-founder and also genius inventor Edwin Land, the soil Cameras would go ~ above to it is in a successful line that cameras because that the company, produced in one kind or one more until the early 2000’s.

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The type of packfilm this cameras supplied would produce a 4 1/4 by 3 3/8 inch print, v an actual image size the 2 7/8 by 3 3/4 inch (9.5 through 7.3cm). Originally, each fill of film consisted of eight exposures yet this to be later enhanced to ten.

I don’t remember the specific year, however it was about 2005 that i purchased my an initial Automatic 100. Ns knew what packfilm cameras were however had zero suffer with using one. Ns vaguely recall the woman i purchased the from saying it had actually been her father’s. In any case, it had the vault owner’s surname engraved on the bottom. A year or two later I to buy another collection from a seller top top eBay. This one came finish with all the accessories, which is what I had actually to be after and will be discussed later in this review.

Within the very same decade that purchasing this cameras, the original incarnation that the Polaroid Corporation claimed bankruptcy and reformed into a kind of holding agency also walk by the surname Polaroid. Through 2008 the brand-new Polaroid had additionally gone out of business and sold off every its staying assets (in 2017, the former Impossible Project acquired rights come the Polaroid name and also has due to the fact that rebranded themselves as Polaroid Originals). Together a consequence, the film kind required by this camera (Polaroid packfilm), end production. You deserve to read more about the history of Polaroid in “A Brief history of… Polaroid, below on

Concurrently to the demise of Polaroid, Fujifilm in Japan had actually been manufacturing their own version of packfilm in a variety of varieties and as happy would have it, the was fully compatible v cameras like the automatic 100. It to be not expected to last. In 2016, Fujifilm ceased manufacturing of the last continuing to be packfilm and also at of the moment of writing, no other companies are producing packfilm of the form and selection Polaroid and also Fujifilm had been previously.

There is hope, a effectively funded Kickstarter project going through the name One immediate is right now taking preorders for your new form of packfilm designed to it is in compatible with these species of cameras.

This testimonial of the automatic 100 will certainly not it is in a evaluation of the different varieties the Polaroid and Fujifilm developed packfilm. There room a lot of imaginative and an imaginative effects girlfriend can accomplish using this type of film but is much better suited because that a film review and also not a camera review. For an additional user’s view on the discontinuation and use the packfilm, please check out contributor Ludwig Hagelstein’s “Peeled Apart because that Good” and Brian Saculles’ review of the Mamiya 600SE – the GOOSE.

Table that contents

1 The Polaroid automatically 100 in pictures4 Accessories5 The automatic 100 in handy use and other considerations

The Polaroid automatically 100 in pictures



The human body of this camera is completely metal through a conventional threaded tripod socket top top the base. When totally collapsed v the covering attached, the camera measures roughly 4 ½ inches tall by 7 ½ inches broad by 2 ½ customs in size (approximately 11.4 x 19 x 6.3cm). Once the bellows are prolonged the total length of the camera will certainly vary based upon focus setting. The bellows are built of a vinyl outer later with a fabric inner layer. Two rings are collection into the optimal of the body for the attachment of a carrying strap.

Shutter and lens

The automatically 100 has a totally electronic shutter with a selection of 10 seconds to 1/1200th the a second. Due to the fact that of its digital design, the shutter will not work-related properly there is no a battery. The lens is a 114mm f/8.8 glass design.

The camera operates in a sort of aperture priority mode and also cannot be activate manually. A “scene selector” mechanism adjusts the aperture (two settings) and film rate is set via a wheel top top the bottom of the shutter assembly (film speed of 75, 150, 300, and 3000 ISO room selectable).

Bulb speed is synchronized v the shutter and also the speed unit connects via a proprietary connector the the side of the shutter assembly. By using the “lighten/darken” exposure compensation control, the exposure can be adjusted from -1 come +2 stops.


Separate viewfinder-rangefinder instrument are an unified in the same housing on the optimal of the camera. The rangefinder (small window labelled “focus”) is offered to focus the camera and the viewfinder window (larger home window labelled “view”) is offered to framework the shot.

The viewfinder home window automatically compensates for parallax and the entire focusing assembly is combination to the camera. Additionally, a tiny pictogram is existing on the concentrating lever if you prefer to usage zone focusing. You’ll watch a person, a pair and a landscape.

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Using the Camera

Polaroid took extra treatment to make this camera simple to use for the novice photographer. Every “step” of acquisition a picture is numbered ~ above the camera itself. There are 4 procedures in total (which assume starting from a allude where the film is loaded and also the shutter is currently cocked).