I couldn't recognize the wording indigenous wiki: "Only one power charge can be obtained per cast. However, each an essential strike has actually an independent opportunity to give a charge."

So if I actors Ball lightning + PCoC once and hit 3 mobs, every mob hit 2 times, with 100% crit chance, i beg your pardon is true:

I will gain 1 strength charge, since it's just one cast. (What wiki suggests, kinda as well weak?)

I will obtain 3 strength charges, 1 for each foe hit.

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I will get 6 power charges, 2 for each hit.

I likewise read on a neurosoup.org thread that if 2 an abilities hit the very same mob alternatively, climate this in a method "reset" the 1-charge-rule. For instance if round lightning (BL) and Storm brand (SB) both has 100% crit chance, each takes turns to struggle a lot 3 times: BL SB BL SB BL SB, then will this create 6 strength charges? Or simply 2?

Small relevant questions: exactly how will this affect Spell Echo and also Unleash? i guess spell Echo repeats for this reason they're counted as simply one cast, right? Is Unleash counted as several different casts?

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· 2m
I will acquire 1 power charge, due to the fact that it's just one cast.

This is the closest; you'll obtain up to 1.

At level 20, PCoC only has a 54% of providing a charge on crit. Critting 6 time in her example way you have actually 6 rolls at 54% chance of getting a power charge. (~99% chance of gaining 1 power charge)

You'll probably obtain one ~ above those odds yet you can fail the role all 6 times technically.

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Op · 2m

So I've experiment this on a organization character through high crit chance and hit stacks that mobs (around 10 each) without death them. It's true that "casts" choose ball lightning can give only one charge per cast. But these an abilities can provide multiple charges per cast:

Brands skills (storm or armagedon)

Orb that Storm


Blade Vortex

These an abilities not only give multiple charges every CAST, but also multiple charges per TICK. For example every half second a storm brand will certainly fire a beam i m sorry hits countless enemies. This can offer 3 power charges in ~ once.

These an abilities were tested however could not give more than 1 charge per cast: sphere lightning, Blazing salvo, Firestorm, ice cream spear, Frost bomb, Cold snap, Bladefall, blade blast.

I make the efforts to find the similarity the the an abilities that provide multiple charges, and also it appears they all have "Duration" tag. However other "Duration" skills like Firestorm or Bladefall can't do that.

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Would it is in nice if the devs can tell us what decides a skill can provide multiple charges through PCoC.