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worship is what i doWhen I desire to it is in close come youI lift my hand in praisePraise is who I amI will certainly praise the while ns canI"ll bless, that at, all timesAnd ns vow to prayer youThrough the an excellent and the badI"ll praise youWhether happy or sadI"ll praise youIn all that i go throughBecause worship is what i do"Cause i owe it every to youPraise is what ns doEven as soon as I"m going throughI"ve learned to prayer youKnow mine circumstanceDoesn"t even stand a chanceMy prayer outweighs the badAnd i vow to prayer youThrough the an excellent and the badI"ll prayer youRather happy or sadI"ll prayer youIn every that ns go throughBecause praise is what i do"Cause ns owe it all to youPraise is what ns doIs what I do
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