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9th October 2014
Hi guys,I"ve freshly bought a brand-new computer, i switched to windows 8.1 native Mac because it"s cheaper.I mounted Pro tools 11, my Saffire chauffeurs for mine Focusrite fluid Saffire 56 and then switched it to 48k and also booted up agree Tools. Ns couldn"t think how bad it was! agree Tools appeared so buggy and also crappy! the won"t even play ago at 48k! i can acquire it to work-related at 44.1, 88.2 and also 96 but not 48! that still has tiny crashes together well, also in other sample rates... Has anyone else skilled this? I came from it working perfectly on mine mac. Ns really don"t want to be speak "it functions so much better on a mac", but so far, in this case, that does! might anyone help me gain Pro devices running usually on my pc please? I require it to occupational with 48k for my business! Thanks
9th October 2014
Just come let people, ns may have fixed this... I witnessed someone else cite to shot turning off "Dynamic Plugin Processing" in the "Setup > Playback Engine" menu. This (at least for the moment being) has sorted out my concern with playback/recording at 48khz and appears to have stopped the as whole lag when creating tracks, opening/closing sessions and just generally using agree Tools. If I proceed to have any type of other problems I"ll post ago here come let world know, but I think it might be sorted now
19th October 2014

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Ok, simply kidding. It"s been getting progressively worse all week and also today I simply couldn"t was standing it... In the middle of sessions (between and also in the center of playback) I"ll hear pops which median the sample rate has changed - without me law so! So then i"ll gain a message asking me to save, quit and relaunch, just upon relaunching the doesn"t work. No "initialized" apparently. I"ve discovered an old Mbox 2 Mini about the house, download the drivers, plugged that in and it functions so far. Can work as a short-lived solution, however not long term. So, currently i"m thinking I have to upgrade my interface, preferably come something not Focusrite (unfortunately, because they"ve been great to me because that the last few years). I"d also like come swap come USB together well, it"s just simpler and much more reliable, add to the speed really isn"t an worry nowadays. The reality that i"ve obtained it working through a Digidesign/Avid device, that additionally happens to be on the Avid authorized interfaces list makes me wonder if I should buy Avid, however I"d really rather not. They it seems ~ ridiculously expensive for what friend get, and I would choose something that would certainly have compatibility v EVERYTHING, not simply "Pro Tools and maybe the rest". I"m looking at an RME FireFace 802 and also have heard good things about RME drivers and also support, yet is home windows 8.1 the culprit here? I"d dislike to invest so much (in overfill of £1k) ~ above an user interface for it not to work-related with my system because of the operation system. As much as I"m aware PT have to work through W8.1, but there"s always little things that obtain in the way... If anyone has any type of other interface suggestions I"m all ears!