hi! my name is milo zachary, however you can contact me bug, if you"d like. i"m a 19 year old, pre-every little thing ftm trans male, and also i usage he / him / his or they / them / theirs pronouns. i gain dogs, sunshine, and strawberries. if you desire to know more around me, feel complimentary to sfinish me an ask or a private message!

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drink some water today! know that you are loved! remember to take treatment of yourself! eat something nutritious! spend time via your family members, friends and / or pets! don"t be so difficult on yourself!
please know that i perform NOT toleprice racism, sexism, fascism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, or any type of various other create of hate!! if you are hateful in the direction of anyone at all, carry out not follow me. ever. additionally, please realize that i am recovering and that i am incredibly sensitive. i cannot take care of certain points extremely well. and finally, please, please, PLEASE perform not follow me if you are a kink / nsfw blog!!

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1. What’s one point you would favor to readjust about yourself?

2. Are you religious? If yes, what is your religion?

3. What was the finest phase in your life? What was the worst phase in your life?

4. Are you the perchild you thought you’d be as soon as you were little?

5. Who is one perchild you would certainly talk to about anything?

6. Have you ever shed someone cshed to you?

7. Have you eexceptionally had actually your heart broken? Have you ever before damaged someone else’s heart?

8. Do you think in second chances?

9. What is one point that world constantly misunderstand also about you?

10. What is your best regret in life?

11. What points are standing between you and finish happiness?

12. If you lost every little thing crucial to you tomorrow, whose arms would you run to in order to make everything okay again?

13. Does the many essential perkid in your life understand exactly how much they expect to you?

14. If you can send a message to the whole people, what would certainly you say to everybody?

15. If you were going to die tomorrow, what would certainly you spfinish this particular day doing?

16. How would certainly you explain yourself in 5 words?

17. What opportunities have you not taken that you regretted not taking?

18. What would certainly you do in different ways if you kbrand-new that no one would judge you?

19. If you can ask one person a solitary question and they had actually to answer 100% truthcompletely, that would certainly you ask and also what would you ask them?

20. If you can start your life over, what would certainly you execute differently?

21. Are you currently holding on to somepoint that you need to let go of? If yes, what’s avoiding you from letting go?

22. Are you living or simply existing? How perform you know?

23. What was the last point you did that was really worth remembering?

24. What perform you want many out of life?

25. If you had actually one year left to live, what would certainly you desire to execute in the next 12 months?

26. If you could acquire one wish to come true, what would that wish be?

27. When you think of home, what pertains to mind?

28. What scares you the most?

29. What is your best strength? What is your biggest weakness?

30. What did life teach you yesterday?

31. What have actually you done in the previous week to make someone’s life better?

32. What provides you special?

33. What was a time that you did not sheight however you should have?

34. Describe what you desire the next five years of you life to be prefer in a single sentence.

35. If you kbrand-new once and also wright here and just how you were going to die, would certainly you life be better or worse?