Origin of Quiet As A Mouse

This idiom might seem confmaking use of to someone that has actually heard a mouse squeaking, since mice deserve to actually be rather loud. However, mice have actually lengthy took pleasure in a reputation as being especially quiet.

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It’s possible this originates from the reality that once a predator is on the prowl, such as a cat, mice tfinish to be as still and quiet as possible.

For this exact same reason, tbelow is a similar expression: still as a mouse, which dates ago to the 1300s. Quiet as a mouse originated a small later on, in the 1500s or 1600s.

Both versions were around equally renowned till the initially half of the 1900s, at which allude quiet as a mouse began to take a larger lead.

Nowadays, quiet as a mouse is more than twice as popular.

Instances of Quiet As A Mouse

In the complying with instance, two friends are doing some research in a library.

Kerry: So, what are you as much as this weekend?

Christine: Kerry, shhhh! You are so loud. We’re in a library, so you have to whisper.

Kerry: Really? I carry out the majority of of my research study online, so I’ve never before really remained in a library. I simply assumed that being quiet in a library was just a point people did in the movies. I didn’t think that actually taken place in actual life.

Christine: Of course it happens in actual life. Just be mindful and reduced your voice.

Kerry: Okay, fine! I’ll be as quiet as a computer mouse.

Christine: Thank you!

In this dialogue, 2 friends are visiting among their parents for an overnight stay.

Arlena: I’m so glad you might join me at my parents’ home over the holiday weekend!

Nyima: Me too! It’s cool to finally meet your parental fees. They go to bed really early. Should we go to bed also, so that we don’t wake them up?

Arlena: No, that’s not crucial. We have the right to go watch TV in the basement, and they won’t hear us at all. We simply have to be mindful to be as quiet as a computer mouse while we are walking down the stairs. All the sounds in the stairway conveniently lug approximately their room.

Nyima: Okay, I’ll be as quiet as I can!

More Examples

The instance listed below is from a take a trip short article about Belize.

This excerpt is about a automobile that runs exceptionally quietly.

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The phrase quiet as a mouse indicates to be as silent as possible.


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