Real Madrid room through to the last of the 2016 FIFA Club people Cup ~ a comfortable 2-0 win over club America in Yokohama, Japan, top top Thursday. 

After conquering the contest, Karim Benzema fired Los Blancos right into a deserved lead on the hit of half-time. In the 2nd period, Cristiano Ronaldo missed a clear possibility to double the team"s lead however eventually acquired on the scoresheet past the 90th minute.

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Real Madrid will confront Kashima Antlers in Sunday"s final, ~ the Japanese champion secured a 3-0 over Atletico Nacional on Wednesday.

Ronaldo intimidated for Real at an early stage on.Matt Roberts/Getty Images

Having clinched the Ballon d’Or earlier in the week, every eyes were naturally on Ronaldo in this one, and in the at an early stage stages, it was the Madrid No. 7 that looked most most likely to break the deadlock.

First, the 31-year-old fired off the write-up after a neat pass from Lucas Vazquez, though the linesman put his flag up for offside. Ronaldo struck the woodwork again in the 26th minute, this time heading versus the short article after much more excellent occupational from Vazquez.

Momentum was start to construct behind Real, and Benzema assumed he"d score after tucking house a rebound native Ronaldo"s free-kick. However, he to be offside. The Frenchman eventually uncovered the network in first-half stoppage time, though.

Benzema fires Madrid ahead.TORU YAMANAKA/Getty Images

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Toni Kroos was the architect, together his delicate through happen left Benzema through time and an are to choose his spot throughout the "keeper, fizzing the ball into the net with the exterior of his foot. Per the OptaJose Twitter feed, the striker seems to enjoy this competition:


1 - Karim Benzema is the very first Real Madrid player to score in two different #ClubWC. Gourmet. Https://

The goal gave Real a well-deserved command at the interval and also left society America, who had actually offered small in an attacking feeling in the very first period, through a mountain to climb.

After beat restarted, Ronaldo ongoing to hunt for a goal, and also once again, Vazquez fed the forward in the punish area. However he observed his shot well blocked by Paolo Goltz. The Portuguese spurned one more chance after ~ the hour note too, together he comically mistimed his effort inside the six-yard box.

As noted by Dermot Corrigan that ESPN FC, Vazquez to be proving to it is in a menace to the society America defenders v his deliveries right into the area:

Dermot Corrigan

Lucas Vazquez with one more perfect cross... Benzema pipeline it because that Ronaldo... Who taken through surprise and miscues in former of gaping goal.

Real ongoing to save their opponents pinned earlier as the complement entered the last stages, yet they to be reminded of the threats of only having actually a one-goal advantage. That was after Nacho did fine to clean from under his very own bar after ~ a devilish cross into the area.

Unfortunately for society America, the was the only real flurry they had in the last stages, as Real gradually took the sting out of the game by keeping the ball. It permitted them come pick through their cavalier opponents as the finish approached and allowed Ronaldo to lastly get top top the scoresheet through virtually the last kick that the game.

Ronaldo did ultimately get top top the scoresheet.Matt Roberts/Getty Images

As noted by Phil Kitromilides of real Madrid TV, it to be a landmark goal because that the prolific 31-year-old:

Phil Kitromilides

Cristiano Ronaldo has now scored in every compete he's ever played in for real Madrid.

This competition might not it is in the most necessary on real Madrid"s agenda this term, but there"s always something special about being crowned the finest club side in the world. Manager Zinedine Zidane will be pleasure to see his side through, back he will certainly be conscious that improvements are needed versus a cohesive Antlers team.

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Indeed, with pockets of empty seats roughly the stadium, there were times when this semi-final felt favor an exhibition enhance for the europe champions. Expect an ext punters to it is in in attendance ~ above Sunday in assistance of the J.League winners and also a much more vociferous accompanying setting as a result.



After the video game injured Madrid forward Gareth Bale posted his congratulations come the team on social media:

Gareth Bale

Good success from the boys in Japan