As girlfriend travel across the open up plains of Red Dead Redemption 2, you could run across Deborah MacGuiness, a paleontologist digging up some bones beside her wagon. Friend can uncover her close to a rock on a hill simply northeast that Flatneck station or straight under the “H” in Heartlands on your map.

Deborah MacGuiness will appear as a stranger right here Rockstar gamings via after speaking v her, she’ll give you a mission called, “A test of Faith.” She asks you to travel roughly to uncover 30 dinosaur bones hidden throughout the map. In addition to working towards the perfect of a quest and also its rewards, each bone uncovered gives friend +5 Dead Eye XP, which will help you upgrade the skill.

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Red Dead Redemption 2 XP guide

Wrapping her mind about how XP works can make the game (and what you could want to execute in it) easier to understand. In this guide, fine teach you all about Red Dead Redemption 2 XP, including just how you can see it and also what you can do to earn it.

How come find and redeem Red Dead Redemption 2 bones

Bones will certainly be scattered across the map hidden among the foliage, top top cliff faces and also more.

After Arthur find a bone, hell jot under the location. Come redeem her rewards native MacGuiness, you need to head come a short article Office and also mail her each ar you find. Upon returning one location, you deserve to pick up a Quartz Chunk, an object you deserve to use because that crafting in ~ a Fence, the next day in ~ the Post Office. ~ dropping off 15 locations, she’ll send you back a Skull Statue, which is a unique valuable you can sell. After ~ finding castle all, she’ll invite girlfriend to watch the fruit of her labor and offer friend a unique Knife.

To quickly spot bones, usage Eagle Eye Rockstar games via detect the bones is easy enough if you understand where to look, but sometimes they have the right to still it is in tricky come find. If friend activate Eagle Eye, the bones will glow, making lock much easier to find.

Red Dead Redemption 2 bone areas 1-22

Rockstar games via There room 30 skeleton hidden across the map, and also this overview will display you exactly how to find them all. The very first part the this guide will covering the very first 22. The staying eight dinosaur skeleton are just available really late in Red Dead Redemption 2. They’re below, past an image that advises you of spoilers.

You have the right to tackle them in any type of order, yet we introduce the order detailed here as it’ll make her trek easier. Here’s exactly how we’ve organized this Red Dead Redemption 2 bone location guide to make finding them all as easy as possible:

We’ve grouped bones together by location, in 4 groups the five, other than for the last group, which has actually seven. In every gallery, there are two pictures for each bone. The first shows its ar on the map, if the 2nd shows the bone. We’ve written some message to aid you far better locate each bone. The numbers in the map and over correspond come the number on the images in the galleries, and also the number in the message below likewise match the number in the galleries.

Bones 1-5

Grid see

1. Close to the “A” in Heartlands is an old oil derrick. Rise the ladder below the rig to find the skeletal in the hole.

2. Southeast of the an initial bone, just sitting in the center of the dirt before you with the rock face.

3. In The Heartlands directly east that of Flatneck terminal is a ribcage overlooking the train monitor in the south.

4. Near the “L” in Lemoyne in ~ the lower component of the dried the end Dewberry Creek.

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5. North of the 4th bone, located closer come the finish of the dried out Dewberry Creek.