Blessed room the Peacemakers is the 39th main story mission in Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2). This walkthrough will overview you through all goals of Blessed room the Peacemakers key Quest including all gold Medals because that 100% completion.

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Quest Giver: MicahChapter: 3Region: Lemoyne

Gold Medal Requirements:

Free yourself and also perform self-surgery in ~ 1 minuteRecover your tools from the O’Driscoll’s campKill the O’Driscoll gang members the beat and shot youEscape the O’Driscoll’s camp without gift spotted

Starting Location: Clemens Point, Lemoyne

Talk to Micah

Talking to Micah will begin this mission. Pearson brings news that Colm O’Driscoll has requested a parley. Though everyone agrees that it’s most likely a trap, also the possibility of putting among your many disputes to remainder is worth the risk.

Micah reveals the the plan is to have Arthur cover lock from above while Micah and also Dutch walk to the meeting. Though this appears to reassure them, Arthur isn’t convinced.

Ride the end to the meeting with Dutch and also Micah.

When Micah indicates, head increase the hill complying with the path to the waypoint.

Move to the yellow target area.

Watch Dutch and Micah through the binoculars, and wait for the meeting.

When the O’Driscolls journey up, you’ll immediately pull the end your sniper rifle to watch because that any double cross.

Just as Dutch and Colm gain into it, the reality of the catch is revealed.


Arthur is knocked unconscious a few times till he finally has an opportunity to escape.

Colm O’Driscoll self will pertained to interrogate you because that a bit prior to you pass out again.


GOLD MEDAL: cost-free yourself and also perform self-surgery within 1 minute

When friend come to, you’ll be hanging on chain by her feet. Friend will need to move quickly to satisfy the gold medal requirements, so watch the prompts carefully. Swing to the left and also right utilizing the left stick until you’re in range to take the file.

You will instantly reach up and cost-free your feet, dropping come the ground.

Now you need to do something about that gunshot wound. Revolve the left stick until the icon goes white.

Then you will certainly insert the record into the wound through the /  button.

Rotate the left stick until the icon is white. Rotate the left stick until the icon goes white, then carry out the same with the right stick.

Next, push /  repeatedly to to water gunpowder into the wound.

Finally, press the left stick approximately raise the candle come the wound…

…and hammer /  to collection fire to the gunpowder to cauterize the wound.


GOLD MEDAL: death the O’Driscoll gang members the beat and also shot youGOLD MEDAL: escape the O’Driscoll’s camp without being spotted

NOTE: If you space spotted throughout the escape, you have the right to restart the critical checkpoint in stimulate to shot again, and it will not invalidate the requirement. (Thanks to user Yukino because that the tip!)

At this allude an O’Driscoll will certainly come down to inspect on you, and you will automatically go right into cover close to the door.

Choose your moment and also press

to perform a Stealth Kill. Until you escape, you need to ensure that every one of your kills space stealthy, and that you’re not viewed as you eliminate all the O’Driscolls in the area because that the gold medal requirements.

As you start to walk up the stairs, you will automatically stop as two O’Driscoll guards happen the doorway above you walking in opposite directions.

Crouch down and also go up the stairs, and to the right. Because of your injuries, her vision will certainly be distorted and darkened, so be cautious as girlfriend move. Go around the wooden structure to the right, and also move towards the guard on the path.

He will prevent in prior of the wooden box ahead of you, dealing with away.

Take him out with a stealth kill, climate crouch again.

Move contempt to the west until you have the right to see the guard v his back to the wooden framework ahead the you. His peripheral vision is too good to shot for a stealth kill. Death him v a throw knife. Incidentally, be all set for you aim to it is in off as result of your injuries. Just make sure your targeting reticle transforms red and you’ll hit him.

Once he has been killed, go east then south about the leaf of the stairway to the secret torture room, making sure to store low.

Ahead that you will be a security on the path leading to the west.

Follow behind him till you can stealthily take him out.

There must be one other guard in the instant area, come the west the you. With no one else to spot you, this have to be straightforward kill.

GOLD MEDAL: recover your tools from the O’Driscoll’s camp

Now that the coast is clear, go ago to the wood shack alongside the an initial guard that you killed outside. Friend will see a gun icon on her minimap to display you where Arthur’s weapons are. As you technique the wooden crate beside the door come the shack, you will be motivated to recuperate your weapons and put them on.

Your horse is bound up just to the east of your tools cache. Mount your horse, and also ignore the path east that the waypoint gives you.

Instead zoom out your minimap, and head to the northwest, in between the O’Driscoll patrols the are maintaining watch in the area.

Continue north across the rail tracks.

On the other side, revolve slightly come the northeast, giving a broad berth come the O’Driscoll patrols close to the tracks.

Keep heading northeast until you join back up v the argued path come the waypoint, and also follow it ago until you happen out.

You’ll wake up safe and also sound ago in camp, and also the mission will be over.

This finishes Blessed space the Peacemakers main mission in Red Dead Redemption 2. Now the following quest A quick Walk in a quite Town starts.

Next Up: A brief Walk in a nice Town

For an ext Walkthroughs v all gold medals, check out the complete Red Dead Redemption 2 Story Walkthrough.

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Yukino says

November 2, 2018 in ~ 7:08 am

Maybe this will aid someone yet I found while replaying the mission (not sure around main playthrough since it’ll be hard to judge if you obtained ~1 minute or not), after ~ you carry out the surgical procedure on yourself and also have to death the four enemies, is that even if you get captured you can just restart native the checkpoint so girlfriend won’t have to do the whole thing over again. Since practically every various other mission has the “No heal items” necessity I would just immediately do the mission over again but since this mission is various it’s okay to revert to checkpoint.


Perfectcloud says

November 8, 2018 at 11:36 am

I didn’t recuperate the weapons on the missions and now ns can’t uncover them in the canp too. Where room they?