Up until now, our look in ~ the different unique weapon places in Red Dead Redemption 2 has actually mainly to be for distinctive hatchets and also revolvers. That’s every gonna adjust with this post, together I am bringing girlfriend the ar of a distinctive Rifle. Listed below I will show you exactly how to gain the rarely Rolling Block Rifle in Red Dead Redemption 2.

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You will discover the rare Rolling Block Rifle within this barn.
Inside the barn is a solitary enemy. That is wielding the rarely Rolling Block Rifle.

Note: You deserve to replay story goals at any type of time by walk to begin > progression > Story > chapter > Mission > Replay Mission.

To get the rarely Rolling Block Rifle, you must grab it turn off the Bounty Hunter in the thing 3 story mission, Magicians because that Sport. During this mission you and also Charles space tasked v tracking down Trelawny. When you reach the allude where you are finishing the cornfield scenario, there space two final adversaries that attack. Among these opponents is located inside the barn. On this enemy you will discover the rarely Rolling Block Rifle. Picking it increase adds it to your Compendium and also weapon collection.


When you choose up the rare Rolling Block Rifle, it will certainly be added to your Compendium.

When you choose up the rarely Rolling Block Rifle, you will get the adhering to Compendium entry:

A rare Rolling Block Rifle do of irradiate wood and also blackened steel, adorned v carvings. Formerly belonging come a bounty hunter ~ Josiah Trelawny, and also found in a barn close to Braithwaite Manor, this pistol is a single-shot weapon, and also can usage Regular, High Velocity, break-up Point, Express and Explosive rifle ammo.

If you’re interested in collecting every solitary one the the 59 tools in Red Dead Redemption 2, girlfriend will have to collect the rare Rolling Block Rifle. The rarely Rolling Block Rifle is just one of the numerous unique weapons you can gain in the game including the Viking Hatchet and the rarely Shotgun.

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