When entering an area that a legendary animal, sometimes I get a article like the following:

You have gotten in legendary animal territory, yet there is also much task to track the animal

Is this merely a time issue, perform I have to return in ~ a various time? Or go it have actually anything to execute with me being also noisy? What perform I must do come hunt the legendary pet when I obtain that message?


I encountered this as well. Not sure of the cause. Ns tried providing it time, setting up camp and sleeping overnight... However what ended up working for me to be to conserve the game and also reload. When I reloaded, it placed me just external of the legendary animal area. As I approached the legendary animal area, the alerted me that I should look for clues, etc.

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Good luck!


Leave the area and also return later. If an area is not provided for a while, it it s okay overwritten in storage by the game, and will "re-roll". The shortest time that"s worked for me was 2 minutes.


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