The most active Reddit customers do much more than simply browse your favorite subreddits. They article comments, provide feedback on dominion changes, carry out advice to new users and also keep amazing conversations flowing in exclusive messages. It deserve to all bring about a very busy inbox that requirements a spring clean every now and also again.

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If friend send and receive a lot of messages on Reddit, it’s useful to have good inbox management skills just together you would for any kind of other message system. The great news is deleting unwanted messages is straightforward on a desktop browser.

This post explains how to delete messages from her Reddit inbox.

Deleting Reddit message via desktop Browser

1. Login to your reddit account and open her Reddit blog post inbox.


2. Find and open the post you desire to delete.

3. Click the word ‘delete’ straight underneath the selected message. (It’s normally next come ‘permalink.’)


4. Click ‘yes’ once the Yes/No notice appears.

Please note, you deserve to only delete private messages received from various other redditors. You can not delete messages sent out to and received by other redditors because a copy will certainly exist in their exclusive inbox till they decision to delete it. So, think carefully before you send PMs.

This technique is the exact same whether you’re using old or new Reddit.

Deleting Reddit messages via mobile App

At the moment, deleting Reddit messages via the mobile app isn’t possible. The a lengthy awaited feature and also something numerous redditors desire to see. Hopefully, it will certainly be an update in the close to future. For now, it’s desktop computer only.

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Reddit accounts space synced across desktop and mobile which method deleting PMs via the desktop computer browser does update them ~ above mobile. If you should delete a message, use the quick an approach detailed above. Then, log into your cell phone account to trigger the change.

The chat function is a small different. The technically separate from Reddit’s exclusive messaging tool, and also you have the right to delete IMs via the app.


Deleting personal messages ~ above Reddit couldn’t be simpler, though plenty of redditors feel prefer a mobile device is lacking from the experience. While girlfriend can’t directly delete PMs top top the app, deleting castle via the desktop computer will cause a change on your mobile account.

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It deserve to be inconvenient, but it do not do it take lengthy to delete messages making use of your mobile’s standard net browser.