Reddit moderators of much more than 70 subreddits with millions of cumulative subscribers went exclusive on Monday in a coordinated effort to protest the coronavirus disinformation lock say operation rampant on the platform, and Reddit’s refuse to delete subreddits specialized to undermining the severity the the pandemic.

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Reddit moderators are demanding Reddit take more action versus coronavirus disinformation.

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According to a article posted by the moderators, the subreddits will continue to be closed until Reddit scrubs /r/NoNewNormal, a community that receipt itself together “skeptical” the pandemic restrictions like masks and also vaccines, and comparable subreddits.

Some that the biggest subreddits to take part in the blackout room r/futurology and r/tifu with 10 million subscribers each, in addition to r /childfree, r/Holup, r/instant_regret, r/perfectlycutscreams and r/PokemonGo, each with an ext than 1 million subscribers.

In a statement to, a Reddit spokesperson claimed Monday that Reddit continues to be a ar for “open and also authentic discussion and debate,” including concepts that question or i dont agree with renowned consensus, including the platform will provide users v resources once viewing subreddits that “may warrant extr scrutiny.”


When a sugreddit goes private, posts and also comments can not be seen. Previously this year, thousands of subreddits went private to protest after Reddit reportedly hired former British politician Aimee Knight, who was rely from her political party in 2018, after she father and also campaign manager David Challenor to be convicted the sexually assaulting a child. Article hired her father in 2016, ~ he was arrested and charged with the crime. Reddit individuals protested her hiring after Reddit reportedly banned a moderator for posting one article around Knight, speak it to be a move to avoid doxxing versus an employee. Knight, who was never pointed out by name by Reddit, was let go shortly after, and the company admitted that did no adequately vet her.

Big Number

52 million. That’s how plenty of daily users Reddit experienced on mean in so late 2020, noting a 44% jump from the same time the previous year.

Key Background

Last week, Reddit moderators exit an open letter demanding that Reddit delete /r/NoNewNormal and similar communities, saying they intimidated users by dispersing false information about coronavirus and the pandemic. “There can be no room for leniency when world are dying together a result of misinformation top top this platform,” the open up letter read. In response, Reddit opted against deleting the controversial subreddit, speak in a statement the they believe it’s ideal to “enable neighborhoods to communicate in debate and also dissent.” Not every one of the subreddits that signed onto the open letter last week took part in the blackout Monday.

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