Reddit"s search feature is notoriously bad. Here"s exactly how to search Reddit properly to get better, more relevant results.

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Reddit is a vast website, containing countless posts and comments across numerous subreddits. As such, if you desire to uncover a write-up that consists a details topic, it"s a great idea to get to grips v the various ways of utilizing Reddit"s find engine.

So, in this article, we explore how to find Reddit, including some unofficial means to get much better results.

how to search Reddit because that Subreddits, Users, and Posts

If you desire to search across all of Reddit---whether you"re looking for a subreddit or a post---you deserve to use the search bar. If the hatchet "subreddit" just flew best over your head, be certain to check out our overview on what Reddit is and how the works prior to reading any kind of further.

The find bar is in various locations, depending upon which kind of Reddit architecture you"re using. If you"re utilizing the old Reddit design, the find bar is in the top-right.

The find bar ~ above the old Reddit design

The find bar ~ above the brand-new Reddit design
kind what you want to check out in here and press go into to search. Once you use the search bar, Reddit will certainly pull up subreddits, users, and posts the contain your find term. For example, if you find for "cats," you"ll uncover the sugreddit /r/cats, and every write-up on Reddit that has actually "cats" in the title.

If you want to search simply subreddits, you have the right to visit the sugreddit page. This is used for controlling the subreddits you follow, yet it also comes with a search box solely for finding new communities.

How to search Reddit using Modifiers and Operators

you can likewise use the complying with modifiers as mentioned in Reddit"s advanced search:

title: searches only article titles. author: searches only write-ups by the given username. selftext: searches just the human body of short articles that to be made as self-posts. subreddit: searches only articles that to be submitted to the provided subreddit community. url: searches just the URL the non-self-post posts. site: searches only the domain surname of non-self-post posts. nsfw:yes or nsfw:no come filter results based on whether they were marked as NSFW or not. self:yes or self:no come filter results based on whether they were self-posts or not.

friend can also use boolean operators to far better refine your search.

AND means you desire both political parties to it is in true. OR means only one side requirements to it is in true. You have the right to use clip () to team modifiers with each other in instance the search query is a complex mixture that ANDs and also ORs. You have the right to negate/exclude particular modifiers by coming before them through - (minus sign).

how to find Within a Subreddit

If you desire to search a subreddit, you can use the subreddit search modifier we stated above. However, over there is one easier means that will conserve you a tiny bit of time.

for example, let"s speak you"re searching a subreddit and also you"re not finding what you want to find. Rather of searching until you uncover it, you have the right to search only within the subreddit you"re on. To do this, type what you want to look for within the search bar.

If you"re using old Reddit, click the checkbox under the find box that claims "limit my find to ". When you fight Enter, only results from the subreddit will certainly appear.

Searching a subreddit on the old Reddit design
If you"re making use of the brand-new Reddit design, however, friend won"t view a tickbox. Instead, search the term as if you were browsing the entire website. Then, on the results page, click the connect that claims "show outcomes from ". This climate filters the search to display only contents from your current subreddit.

Searching a sugreddit on the brand-new Reddit design

how to find Reddit Comments

You"ve more than likely noticed that the search engine can"t look through Reddit comments; at least, it can"t at the time of writing. However, there is quiet a method to find Reddit comments; we just need to relocate away from Reddit and use third-party devices instead.

one of the ideal tools accessible is Pushshift Reddit Search. This website will certainly let girlfriend search with Reddit comments, yet as you"ll see once you visit the website, that"s not all it deserve to do. If you acquire frustrated v Reddit"s find engine, be certain to shot this one instead.

To search comments, ensure the you"re on the "Search" classification on the first row that options. ~ above the second row, unselect "Posts" and select "Comments". ~ above the third row, pick the span of time you desire to search in. Get in what you"re searching for in the "Search Terms" box.

If you want to find a details subreddit, go into it into the "Subreddits" field. The "Domains" field is feather for short articles that connect to a details website, yet you don"t have to fill this out if you"re looking v comments.

when you click on "Search," Pushshift will certainly scour through Reddit and pull up all the comments that complement your query.

just how to uncover Deleted Reddit Comments

periodically you"re looking with a comment thread for discussion. You"ll find a comment that states "," followed by a chain the replies pointing out the issue further. The start to the conversation is shed forever---or therefore you might think.

There"s a handy website dubbed Removeddit that stores as plenty of comments on Reddit as possible. As such, if a comment is deleted, Removeddit will "remember" it and show friend what it offered to say. Moreover, the will also let you understand if the user turned off their very own comment by noting it blue, or if a mod removed it by marking it red.

To usage Removeddit, navigate to the Reddit comment section that you desire to check. Then, modify the URL so that the "Reddit" component in the domain surname becomes "removeddit." There"s no should delete the name and also re-type it; just include "move" ~ the "re" in "Reddit."

once you press Enter, you"ll fill the Removeddit web page for that comment thread. Removeddit will certainly look v its database and also show every one of the comment it has on document for that thread. If Removeddit regulated to archive the comment before it was deleted, you"ll discover it here in its previous glory. Otherwise, if it obtained deleted prior to Removeddit could see it, the website will present an error article instead.

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Upgrading your Reddit Experience

together you can see, there are various methods to search Reddit. You might even use among the totally free alternative Reddit browsers. So, whether you"re searching for a new community come join, or are trying to discover that one funny meme friend stumbled across weeks ago, you have to be fine. Especially if you manipulate the third-party choices mentioned above.

now that friend know exactly how to search like a pro, you may want to think about upgrading come Reddit Premium. But prior to you do, uncover out what Reddit Premium is and how the works.

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