We may have reached a point where B – The start can redeem itself together it dives just a little deeper into the last time Yuna and also Koku experienced each other.

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By Any way Necessary: Minatsuki, Koku, Keith

All that Minatsuki’s employer needs is Koku’s heart and also his head. The remainder seem unimportant so the twins are permitted to shoot together they please, Kamui part him up together he pleases, and even the harpoons i m sorry rain native the sky are enabled to drop whereby they may – as long as these two points aren’t injured. However, seeing Yuna obtain stabbed cause something in Koku and makes it so no one of them have the right to really take it him out. Incorporate that through Keith having a shotgun that has pellets i m sorry seemingly burn Minatsuki in a method which alarms Laica, and also they are required to leave through Koku. Failures when more.


With what us learn, later on on, it’s clean why they require Koku’s head to no be injured, however why also his heart? Is the strictly a circulation problem or can it be their healing powers depend on your heart producing some kind of enzyme, or what have actually you, in bespeak to heal them? But, also with that in mind, what wake up if they fight an artery or significant organ? This idea the they require him alive, but not necessarily conscious, keeps me wondering what space they to plan to perform with him? and also when ns say they, it appears to it is in the market Makers.

And it All drops Down: Koku, Yuna, Kirisame, Dr. Kazama, Minatsuki

It no clear why over there is a one-of-a-kind connection in between Yuna and also Koku, it is in it they space siblings or eternal lovers, yet they can sense each various other in a method which is certainly different than what the various other 13 have. Hence why they room so close and Koku has looked for her all this time. But, the is something that needs to be addressed: what separated them in the very first place? Well, the was as soon as the market Makers attacked.

When the happened, the various children, which has Minatsuki to mine surprise, seemingly take it sides. Some sided with Dr. Kazama, and Koku, the others through the industry Makers, i m sorry assumingly has Regulus. This led to Dr. Kazama sending Koku away with Krisame come a secret shelter and Dr. Kazama dealing with the industry Makers. Which, in ~ first, he assumed he to be doing v Minatsuki and also Izanami by his side. However, then Minatsuki stabs him.


Now, the why isn’t exact but let’s assume the a member the the industry Makers infiltrated this ar Dr. Kazama made and also started planting ideas. Of which included Minatsuki, and also the rest, were simply spare parts for Koku and also Dr. Kazama was the devil. Something plainly Minatsuki believed, but as for Izanami and the others? Well, we can’t it is in so sure. All that is made clear to united state is the Minatsuki, who very well appears to be the oldest, pushed this idea and that is why nearly everyone Koku knew farming up died. Leading to how he got that blade because that an eight – it come from Kirisame’s corpse – which he hacked up.


I think Minatsuki gift brainwashed is what will make or rest this present for people. Because that him desiring to have actually a greater purpose than being yet a spare component for Koku, make to make him a totality King or God, is pretty lot as far as our knowledge will reach v him. Together for the rest? i guess you deserve to say they adhered to along? ns mean, despite Koku being your king, it seems just Kirisame may have actually taken the seriously. The rest either made funny of him, were indifferent or were favor Minatsuki and perhaps hated him. Maybe also were envious.

But, is that enough? do we now require to enter the history of the industry Makers come bolster castle up together well? For, personally, even though I simply said in the last episode we needed much more of the kids’ past, now I’m wondering if that really assisted the situation at all?

Back come Life, earlier to Reality: Koku, Keith, Minatsuki


With Koku no longer in a coma, he reveals to united state why he didn’t remember therefore much. It is since his herbal power, that sci-fi fish eye of his, it permits him to reconfigure, or bald erase people’s memories. Which he has actually never excellent on others, however did carry out on himself. Just so he might forget everything yet Yuna indigenous his past. However, looking into her eyes compelled him to remember everything.

As for Minatsuki, well, he it s okay those bullets pellets out of his arm – by shedding his entire arm. But, in spite of him having actually reason to question Regulus, that supposedly is a prophet, he continues to be within the industry Makers. But, lest us forget, there was a conversation previously in the season of possibly taking Regulus on. Therefore while Minatsuki stays a faithful soldier, it may not necessarily median he is a happy one.


There is a part of me i m sorry feels favor the point of this illustration was to make Minatsuki seem like a complex villain. Someone who doesn’t have actually it all together, is a little of a puppet, but is getting upset with someone pulling his strings. Yet, while I get what the display may be trying come do, I just feel favor the execution has actually been kind of botched. And also I don’t recognize if the is due to the fact that they waited too long and now the is as well late, or perhaps the sympathy they desire you to have for Minatsuki coming off cheap. One of two people way, other isn’t having actually its intended result here.

Other significant Facts & Moments

Yuna is tho alive, simply healing.

Question(s) Left Unanswered


So, is Erika the girl we experienced murdered earlier? Is she official Keith’s sister?What is the healing price of these beings?


We have actually a much better understanding of how many of Koku’s peers died, Keith’s father, and how numerous members the Minatsuki’s group ended up v the market Makers.

On The Fence

Arguably, we’ve concerned the allude where we’re at a crossroad. If this episode didn’t success you over, or probably push you come think this display can redeem itself, it could just be a downhill trip from below on out. I type of have my finger crossed, however my expect is waning.

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