We’ve rounded increase the finest Star wars toys, gadgets and gifts available, through a variety of price points and also sizes

ByDominic Preston, Deputy Editor


Two years after pass BB-8 to life through a remote-control droid, Sphero has actually done that again, publication what is without doubt the finest R2-D2 toy we"ve ever seen.

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Like BB-8 prior to it, this R2 is regulated entirely by an accompanying cell phone app, i beg your pardon you have the right to use to drive him about, speed his lights, and trigger animations and sound effects. The head dome have the right to rotate individually of the body, and also there"s even a functioning retractable tripod leg.

There are also some straightforward AR mini-games, and also R2 can watch the Star battles movies through you and also react follow me the means - or react to the presence of various other Sphero droids.

Put simply, this is the R2 toy you"ve been waiting for because you were a kid.

You have the right to buy the R2-D2 here, or watch our video review here.


littleBits has actually made a surname for itself through its range of build-your-own programmable gadgets for kids, and its latest collection is its ideal yet, allowing you to do your very own R2 unit.

You rally the magnetic circuitry yourself, which can be arranged in a few different configurations come unlock various functionality - one setup might let you journey R2 around, while another can be used to turn his head, and also yet one more might let him detect obstacles in prior of him.

The accompanying app teaches you just how to construct each plan in a collection of "missions", with advantageous videos and advice for the trickier bits of construction. There"s even a mission on exactly how to for sure disassemble the droid, to avoid kids pulling pieces apart recklessly.

The set includes stickers in a couple of colours to let friend configure her R2 design, and also even instructions on exactly how to build a tradition bot out of household objects - prefer a flowerpot head, or a juice carton body.


R2 it s okay a many love, however he"s not the only droid in town. The pressure Awakens" BB-8 is still hugely popular, and Sphero has adhered to him up through a sinister first Order counterpart: BB-9E (we assume the "E" represents "Evil").

This little guy may look like a black-and-grey version of his predecessor, yet there"s actually some more advanced technology at work. His head includes LEDs, it is provided inductively native the main body, and also he comes through a new Droid Trainer basic to use v a few AR mini-games.

As before, you can drive him roughly using the cell phone app, set him on a patrol, and also sit down to clock the movies v him. And also if you"re no comfortably v buying a baddie, you deserve to still grab a BB-8 too.


Propel"s Star Wars battle drones are complete featured remote manage drones that additionally just occur to be comprehensive replicas of Star wars ships and also happen come be fitted for multiplayer laser battles. No biggie.

The manufacturing value is enormous - the box even blasts Star wars music in ~ you as soon as you open up it - and up to 12 civilization can each usage the drones for substantial lasertag dogfights, using either infra-red or LED lasers.

We"ve tested the end the Tie Fighter you can see here, but the selection also has an X-Wing (naturally) and a Return the the Jedi speeder bike.

This is a totally licensed C-3PO Bluetooth speak from ACW. It has actually excellent develop quality (but isn"t fluent in 6 million forms of communication, sorry). It will, however, allow you to communicate, as it can act together a hands-free speaker because that calls, and playing your music in high quality.

The head"s eyes light up once turned on and also it"s quickly charged via USB. A tad expensive, however worth it for the audio top quality - and also obtainable in Vader or Stormtrooper variants, if you lean towards the dark side.

There are many expensive, film-accuratelightsaber replicasout there, however nothing yes, really beats messing about with the Disney toy version, even if it is you"re 9 or 59.

This details one is offered as Rey"s saber indigenous The pressure Awakens & The last Jedi, however as most of you will know, this is a blade with history - it"s Anakin Skywalker"s lightsaber, i beg your pardon was later used by Luke Skywalker up until he had his hand rudely removed in the realm Strikes back. It"s a fun, affordable method to have a couple of lightsaber fights without breaking the bank.

Show your assistance for the Force, when eating your noodles, by making use of these illuminated light saber chopsticks. Select from three of her favourite Jedi with these irradiate up cutlery classics.

They could additionally come in handy deterring any diminutive troublemakers in seedy Cantinas.

It’s all well and great owning Star wars gear, yet what if you desire to take component in the hit itself? All also easy. Simply pick up a copy that Star battles Battlefront 2 on the PC, Xbox One, or playstation 4, and also soon you’ll have actually a good blaster at her side.

Unlike the very first Battlefront, this one contains a short single player campaign set after the autumn of the Empire, together the usual range of enormous online gunfights.

Don"t forget that you"ll seen be able to check out the brand new Star battles game, collapse Order.

This one is a little of a luxury, but we love it nonetheless. A C-3POthemed (yet attractively subtle) rollerball pen indigenous reknowned brand Cross. The exquisite casing is modelled after ~ the hisfamous gold bodyandis also engraved to enhance the droid"s detailing.

It come in a beautiful presentation box and also is the perfect creating gift because that a Star wars fan of any type of age.

There are hundreds of incredible Star wars Lego sets, consisting of the amazing Slave I, Boba Fett"s famous craft, however our favourite Lego setfrom a galaxy far, much away has gained to be the Millennium Falcon.

It"s a set with over 1400 pieces, so if you"re buying for a boy then they might need part help, and also if you"re buying because that yourself, then don"t concern - us won"t call anyone. We want one too!

This particular version is referred to as the Kessel operation Millennium Falcon, together it"s the variation of the ship watched in the spin-off movie Solo, before suffering a couple of decades" worth of wear and tear.

Oh, and if that"s not sufficient for you, there"s constantly the 7,500-piece collector"s edition, the biggest and best Star Wars collection ever make - despite unsurprisingly, that one isn"t specifically cheap.

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