A frequently asked question here in the ar is whether it’s possible to move a existing Republic sim to a new Republic compatible phone.

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If friend purchased your new phone from Republic’s digital store, a sim is already preinstalled. Please recognize it is not vital to physically relocate one’s current SIM to move one’s Republic number native old to new phone. Since Republic has done the job-related of preinstalling a brand-new SIM for you, it’s finest practice to relocate your present number during activation the the preinstalled SIM. That much much easier than fumbling approximately with relocating a existing SIM. Once past early stage setup ~ above the brand-new phone (follow on screen prompts for that), you re welcome follow Republic’s guidance come activate the preinstalled SIM and also move your current number attached here: exactly how to Activate a instead of Phone – Republic Help. If happen a new Republic compatible phone call sourced elsewhere, please check out on.

Legacy Republic call to new Republic Compatible Unlocked (a/k/a 3.0) Phone

If your existing Republic phone call is a heritage phone (Moto DEFY XT, E1, E2, G1, G3, X1 or X2), the prize is no (some of these phones don’t also have a center to move). As Republic uses multiple coverage options for its newer compatible phones, to assist us far better help you and also if you comfortable act so, please share your zip code (nothing more).

Current Republic phone to brand-new Republic Compatible Unlocked (a/k/a 3.0) Phone

For all other Republic compatible phones, the prize is maybe. Part SIMs move from phone to phone, others room phone certain and perform not. Please take the complying with steps ~ above the call you wish to relocate the center from:

Open the Republic AppTap the equipment icon top rightTap AboutUnder the Phone details section, your phone’s SIM type will be provided (GSM or CDMA)

If the center is GSM, the will move to a new compatible phone once past early stage setup top top the brand-new phone (follow on display prompts because that that), strength the brand-new phone down and move the SIM. Next, power the new phone ago on climate be details Republic’s mobile app is set up or updated. Finally, open up Republic’s app. If presented v an “activation” sequence, finish that. If your phone does not prompt you to restart, restart that manually. Company (number and also plan) will move from old to new phone.

If the center is CDMA and also you’re comfortable sharing, might we please recognize your zip code and also we’ll provide further insight.

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A Word around SIM Size

Presuming you’ve figured out your SIM will move and if moving the sim from a Moto G4 collection phone; friend would must size the center down indigenous micro to nano size. Republic SIMs are designed come be universal in terms of size, therefore doing therefore is a straightforward matter that punching out the smaller sized nano size from the micro frame:


I suggest hanging top top the micro structure should you decide to save a Moto G4 series phone as an emergency backup. Must the need to return come a G4 collection phone arise, it would be feasible to snap the nano dimension SIM ago into the micro frame.

Republic supplies some documentation here: Is It it s okay to Swap sim Cards in between Phones? – Republic Help