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What Is the Retro Duo?

The Retro Duo is one NES and also SNES clone console emerged by Retro-Bit, which have the right to play both NES and SNES cartridges. It have the right to play gamings for these solution released in any kind of region, consisting of Japan, Europe, and North America. The Retro Duo is not licensed by Nintendo, however it has the highest capability of any comparable clone system. It support both first-party and third-party SNES controllers (but not NES controllers). The Retro Duo is perfect because that gamers who no longer have actually a working NES or SNES, or for gamers who just don’t have the an are for both one NES and also SNES.


Benefits of the Retro Duo Over other Clone Systems

There are many other comparable NES/SNES clone systems out there, however the Retro Duo is widely concerned to it is in the best option, as well as the initial hardware. Though all clone systems have some compatibility issues, the Retro Duo can play games that various other clone equipment have difficulties with as result of hardware issues. This games encompass Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse ~ above the NES, Star Fox ~ above the SNES. The Retro Duo support both PAL and NTSC games.

Though, like various other clone consoles, it isn’t compatible with countless NES and SNES accessories, the Retro Duo is compatible v the Super game Boy machine and the video game Genie cheat cartridge.

Because the Retro Duo has actually a small footprint and also combines both NES and SNES functionality into a solitary unit, that takes up lot less an are in your entertainment center than a different NES and also SNES would. With classic gaming ending up being increasingly well-known in current years, the initial consoles will likewise likely expense you much much more to purchase than the Retro Duo if friend no longer have actually your old NES and also SNES consoles.


Game Emulation Issues

As remarkable as the Retro Duo is, the isn’t without a few problems. Similar to other emulators and clone consoles, there room some slight sound and color differences in between the Retro Duo and the original systems. I didn’t notification any issues that to be too apparent on the gamings I own, however. There are also a handful of gamings that space incompatible or partially incompatible v the Retro Duo, also as particular NES equipment that room incompatible.

NES titles Incompatible with the Retro Duo

The following NES titles space either incompatible, or partly incompatible, with the Retro Duo.

720° (NTSC)Battletoads (NTSC) – This video game hangs after level 2, though there is a cheat that enables the player to jump to level 3.Digger T. Rock: Legend that the shed City (PAL) (plays title screen, in-game crashes v graphics glitch, rendering it unplayable)Duck Hunt (NTSC and also PAL) – The NES Zapper can not be plugged into the Retro Duo. The works v NES to SNES adapting cables that have accessory support. (Note that NES Zapper just works v a CRT TV set.)Maniac MansionPaperboy (NTSC) – The controller is no recognized, however, there is a hacked variation that works.Rolling Thunder – This game works with Retro Duo 2.0 and also above.

SNES titles Incompatible through the Retro Duo

The following SNES titles room incompatible, or partly incompatible, v the Retro Duo.

ActRaiser 2 (NTSC)Batman Returns (PAL)Donald in Maui Mallard (PAL)Donkey Kong Country (PAL)Donkey Kong country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest (PAL)Donkey Kong country 3: Dixie Kong's double Trouble! (PAL)EarthBound (NTSC) - This game has just minor incompatibility through the Retro Duo. An antipiracy examine will activate in this game, which reasons an increased enemy spawn rate. The game is playable, however.GP-1: part II (PAL)Illusion of Time (PAL)Kirby's fun Pak (PAL)Lethal Enforcers (PAL)Out of This World (NTSC) – The display border flashes and also some sprites either pack distorted or not at all.Plok (PAL)Pilotwings (PAL) – Pilotwings has only a minor incompatibility through the Retro Duo. When played on the Retro Duo, target platforms blink and sometimes produce a mirroring effect. Over there are likewise minor screen flashes and also haze. The is playable, however.Secret that Mana (PAL)Starwing (PAL)Stunt race FX (PAL)Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts (PAL and NTSC) - The stage 3-2 boss is invisible, and also Stage 4 is completely black except for enemies, player, and specific platforms as soon as played on the Retro Duo. Because of this, it is basically unplayable.Super Mario All-Stars (PAL)Super Mario All-Stars + at sight Mario World (PAL)Super Mario Kart (PAL) – The game runs, but there are numerous graphical glitches.Super Mario RPG: Legend the the 7 StarsSuper Metroid (PAL)Terranigma (PAL) – an antipiracy examine is tripped as soon as played on the Retro Duo, as well as on all other clone consoles.Zombies (PAL)


NES accessories Incompatible with the Retro Duo

The adhering to accessories are incompatible with the Retro Duo, unless you use NES to SNES cables through accessory support.

R.O.B.NES ZapperPower PadNES AdvantageNES MaxPower Glove


The Controllers

The Retro Duo supports Super Nintendo controllers, both official and also third-party. The does not, however, assistance NES controllers.

It walk come through two SNES clone controllers in colour to match the system. This controllers execute feel a little cheap compared to the original SNES controllers. One of the biggest distinctions I noticed between the Retro Duo controllers and also the original SNES controllers is the the X and also Y buttons aren't concave on the Retro Duo controllers like they space on the original controllers. Castle feel exceptionally cheap and delicate, so friend will most likely want to move the pack-in controllers with official SNES controllers, or maybe higher-end reproduction controllers if friend can’t obtain ahold of the official SNES controllers.

Retro Duo Portable

There is now likewise a portable variation of the Retro Duo available. The Retro Duo Portable has actually a 3.75” screen and allows players to play standard games on the go. It deserve to play SNES cartridges via that is cartridge slot in the back. The Retro Duo Portable likewise supports NES, Genesis, and Game Boy gamings with an appropriate cartridge adapter for each system. The NES cartridge adapter is included, while the Genesis and also Game boy adapters are sold separately.

My Thoughts

Though there room some emulation issues, the Retro Duo is a worthwhile investment for gamers that enjoy standard gaming. It enables players to play the bulk of SNES and NES games that to be released in the US, Japan, and also Europe. Since it plays gamings from all regions, the is a worthwhile console because that anyone that is interested in playing import games, also if you already own the original consoles.

The controllers that come v the Retro Duo space nothing special, yet they can conveniently be changed with original SNES controllers or much better quality reproductions.

The Retro Duo is an excellent NES/SNES clone for anyone interested in standard gaming that does not very own the initial hardware, who desires to play import games, or who just wants a backup system that takes up less room than the original consoles.

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Nathan Bernardo native California, United states of America on July 25, 2018:

I provided to beat those old games and also have to be wanting to play lock again. Many thanks for the review, I'm walking to inspect out the Retro Duo for sure. I quit playing games means back in the days of the Sega Genesis, so all I understand are the old games. Yet I go method back to the Atari 2400. Somewhere in there I acquired a Nintendo. Later obtained a Genesis. I probably haven't had a video game system due to the fact that the early on 90s. Well, ns recently obtained a Wii, however I largely play Mario Kart top top that.