Then the video clip came out, and also as he to be filming it, he found out that the account blocked him (so far, it's only him the is pointing out it):

Jeremy uploaded this video about the drama before Rich go on the stream and also threw an ext gas top top the fire:

A pair of things in mine mind. Yes, Jeremy deserve to be a dumpster fire sometimes, and he have the right to be pretty polarizing, but this seems like a situation where Jeremy is do the efforts to be a cool guy about it and trying to ask why affluent felt the should go after him the end of nowhere as soon as this situation didn't involve him to begin with, while wealthy is being much more of the bully trying come fight someone that doesn't want to connect like that (Jeremy wants the civility while Rich wants the screaming match).

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While Jeremy might have spanned the Pearce thing, affluent is the one being disagreeable here. This is since he fully made this strawman and also being dishonest with what Jeremy's beef v Xbox also was to start with, i beg your pardon is akin to how discussions like this generally are. Rich makes the discussion that Jeremy is marginalizing Pride neighborhoods as a entirety (going to cite them together Pride communities since letters in the lettered means to name said areas keep getting included daily anymore). However, in his stream, he did acquire messages from world trying to describe what the nuance was and also he made that a suggest to never lug up the nuance and also go best for the "insulting pride Month" narrative. Also in his tweets, he never responded to those that lugged up the nuance the Jeremy was objecting to XBox's statements to get PR and also nothing more. Well-off does speak this in passing one time in his video clip about this, yet he dismisses this an extremely quickly in a "what does it matter" method and never brings it up again, once it was Jeremy's whole point. It's favor Rich to be trying his finest to not study that nuance due to the fact that it would have beat the strawman Rich had actually to produce the must even attend to this in a video clip and go complete boar about attacking Jeremy.

Jeremy's point, ns believe, was the a most companies are seeing this together little more than a PR point, and also to usage the Pride communities as spokespersons. This, in turn, devalues and dehumanizes those neighborhoods as they room being told castle are only there to offer the corporate greed of companies. It would be different if it was a couple of companies and also they did more than change their logos because that a month to present support and then never speak of lock again. But when girlfriend see several companies adding to a pattern, you easily doubt if the suppliers really care around Pride or if lock are just using castle as advertising slogans. However the problem is that this nuance instance never it s okay the examination it needs since authoritarians seem willing to talk previous that and also accuse anyone who calls this the end of gift a homophobe (or in the situation of BLM, a racist). They desire to pretend this difficulty never exists and also tries to ask "why do you have a trouble with someone mirroring support" when, one, the person calling the agency out has usually currently discussed the nuanced reason, and also two, if the person criticizing the calling out of the agency would prevent seeing every this together black and white and also see the the situation is a little bit more complicated than that, climate this wouldn't it is in the much more widespread trouble it has actually become.

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But a main reason I write-up this otherwise petty beef (even as soon as I believe what I said in the last i isn't a small argument): XBox's relocate to block Jeremy to start with. Again, Jeremy deserve to be polarizing, yet it to adjust a danger precedent. What will stop them from just blocking world for other criticisms versus their company (imagine if someone gained blocked by XBox because they to be trying to gain answers for the RROD on the 360, for example). Ns would suppose this habits out of a small indie studio that went every SJW and wokescold on us or was someone choose Digital Homicide. But not out of a multimillion dollar firm which has actually been criticized from monopolizing practices in the past and hasn't had actually the best PR reputation in the world. There can have been selection of methods XBox might have handled this rather of prevent someone, also if they thought Jeremy to be a special instance (Jeremy IS a renowned YouTuber). Execute they treat print media the same means they it seems ~ to perform with YouTubers that don't have a fill of one-of-a-kind interests that they need to worry about? Is this a case of believing civilization on ResetEra once they speak "YouTubers are (insert label here)"? wealthy ignored this really troubling opportunity to score the drama points, which requirements to be discussed further.

But what perform you think? not just about the drama between the two YouTubers but around XBox's move in your tweet, and also their decision come block Jeremy?