I just gained the game and I love a great challenge, yet I usually like not to play on challenges that have actually a "difficult save" feature on my an initial time playing.

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Is the excessive Survivor difficulty pretty annoying and also frustrating? I'm wonder if I'll it is in dying best at the end of a long section because of a QTE or absent a jump. Due to the fact that if it's annoyingly frustrating for a blind playthrough with this sort of thing, I'm reasoning of simply doing survivor first.

Thanks because that the information.

Thanks for the substantial answer! Personally, ns think I will stick come the Survivor difficulty. I might probably handle the annoyances but it's quiet pretty stupid if i was dying to glitchy mechanics. Not really a "challenge" if that's exactly how you die most of the time.

Thanks again!

I play it on too much Survival blind too, and also it's annoying if you gain all the collectibles, and then die. I made decision to disregard the collectibles until I got to the critical map and it was pretty yes :p

I play it on too much Survivor appropriate away top top PS4 (After playing it on Survivor or everything is below it prior to Extreme was out on PC). I uncovered it really easy, and also most of my deaths to be from falling, absent jumps, and other very stupid methods to die.

I beat the on too much Survivor ~ playing with the video game once.

I died much more from falling/missing a jump 보다 in combat. Some of the campfires are very spread the end so if you die you'll need to repeat a lot of sections.

Even after you beat the game and also your just collecting everything, if you die before resting in ~ the camp fire you'll need to pick them up again.

It was very fun beating it on excessive Survivor yet I remind beating a tough combat encounter and absent a jump afterwards and I had to win the section again.

Im law my very first playtrough on survivor. I typically die because from fallin come death. Ns dont recognize if the clitchy systems, however rather simply player mistake. One time i lost over 1hour exploring geothermal valleys.. Was annoying but still ns defianetly recommend playing survivor.

Personally i wouldn't recommend it ~ above a blind playthrough. I've played with the game multiple times before doing excessive Survivor and I'm glad ns knew which sections had easy fatality spots. Most of the video game is nice fair with the campfire distribution but sometimes you need to play for a while and do lot of fights prior to you reach another, so getting reset every the method back come the last fire will be annoying.

I finished the game on top top Survivor on release and Extreme Survivor on PC.

Most of my deaths were in reality from absent some jumps between ridges as well some the the more buggy jumps. The finest death was most likely me falling into a vast hole i forgot around after not saving for fine over 30 minutes.

There's also a yes, really annoying quicktime event where girlfriend instadie till you learn exactly how it works and it has a really annoying checkpoint that makes you perform a 5-10min sequence again and also again to get to it.

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All in all i think it was a really superior endure to common survivor.