COLLECTIBLESStrongboxes: 3Relics: 3Documents: 10Murals: 1Survival Caches: 3Coin Caches: 3CHALLENGESCut brief - Shoot and destroy every one of Trinity"s covert walkie talkiesMISSIONNone

Into the Acropolis - uncover a way to the Acropolis

You"ll discover that this hallway is in pretty poor shape. There"s a cart on fire to your right. Drop turn off the bridge to the appropriate where the cart is. In a room under the bridge, a lantern and also PROPHET"S arrival (DOCUMENT 1/10) will it is in on the floor in a tiny alcove.

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Climb earlier up and also head outside. You"ll climb some rocks and also a craggy rock wall.

Into the Acropolis - enter the Acropolis

Make a zip line and also head forward until you watch some helicopters. Go under the rock path to her right and jump off it as soon as you acquire to that end. SURVIVAL CACHE 1/3 is near the tree the is by the finish of the stone path. Near the tree is a green tent with STRONGBOX 1/3 by that is side. In prior of the huge open tent close to the eco-friendly one is Remnant Bazaar base Camp, so make sure to light it. Head under to another big open tent with STRONGBOX 2/3 and COMMON BLOOD (DOCUMENT 2/10) to the strongbox"s right.


Exit the tent and head left. Close to the burning wood is FIRST WINTER (DOCUMENT 3/10). Go best of the open up tent v the strongbox. On a crate is STEWARDS (DOCUMENT 4/10) and near the document, under a makeshift roof of quilts, is a hanging WALKIE TALKIE 1/6. Shoot it down. In yet another open time to the left ~ above the route to the objective beacon is RELIQUARY (RELIC 1/3). Study the inside of the case to earn much more XP. Go ago to the 2nd open tent (the one with the strongbox and the document) and take the path behind it come its best (this side of the tent is top top fire). Go straight and SURVIVAL CACHE 2/3 will certainly be come the right of a the left time (the one that"s not also close come the fires).


Continue come the objective and also get a short cutscene.

Reach the Tower - Infiltrate the ruins and also find Sofia

Kill every the soldiers. Go ago to wherein the cutscene put you and also take the end WALKIE TALKIE 2/6 come the left center, under a makeshift roof that quilts (similar come the one before it). WALKIE TALKIE 3/6 will be come the ideal center, under the 2nd makeshift quilt roof. WALKIE TALKIE 4/6 will certainly be at the ago right under a makeshift quilt roof.


Follow the target beacon, death soldiers follow me the way. Here I would imply being together quiet as possible to earn an ext XP from stealth kills. After ~ you autumn near part stairs as result of an explosion, there will be bottles alongside you. Grab one and sneak about to among the guards. As soon as you"re nearby enough, as lengthy as you have actually the Deadly force skill mentioned before, stealth kill among the soldiers through the bottle to unlock:

Bar BrawlMelee kill an enemy using a bottle


In the following room room some Remnant being held hostage through Trinity soldiers. Kill them and get a cutscene.

Reach the Tower - uncover the ammunition cache

Break the wall surface at the objective beacon. Head right into the wall surface and collection MURAL 1/1 to the left of whereby you fall down. Climb up wherein you"ll check out what"s prevent the door.

Reach the Tower - uncover a means to destroy the blockade

Head come the objective beacon and acquire GRENADE ARROWS which method that you have the right to now unlock:

Reach the Tower - destroy the blockade to complimentary the Remnant

DEER CHARM (RELIC 2/3) will be on stack crates in the same room wherein you acquire the grenade arrows. Use the grenade arrows to open up the steel barrier.

Reach the Tower - Breach the gate to the Tower Courtyard

Head increase the stairs and light Riverside Landing basic Camp, collect MISSING (DOCUMENT 5/10), and translate the MONOLITH. COIN CACHE 1/3 will be in a edge near the door you go out up. Go to the left the the stairs and also collect LANGUAGE that THE floor (DOCUMENT 6/10) top top a wooden platform. Run to the bridge and BULLAE (RELIC 3/3) will certainly be to the left, beside the fire. Head throughout the bridge and blow increase the steel barricade.

Reach the Tower - attack Trinity to lure the helicopter out

Take treatment of the soldiers top top the other side. Pick up REFINEMENT device (STRONGBOX 3/3) to the left. This will certainly let girlfriend to totally upgrade a weapon and also unlock:

After another metal barricade, shoot WALKIE TALKIE 5/6 to the left under the makeshift quilt roof. Happen the bridge v explosive red barrels that you should absolutely shoot and also you"ll reach a reasonably open area. As soon as you death the soldiers here, head come the target beacon.

Rescue Mission - defeat the Trinity forces

After a cutscene, head ago to the vault area and take a right. Near a pile of ruble is SURVIVAL CACHE 3/3. Go earlier to whereby the cutscene triggered and collect DANGEROUS ERRAND (DOCUMENT 7/10) and also destroy WALKIE TALKIE 6/6 under a makeshift quilt roof. Irradiate Tower Courtyard base Camp.

Note: The arrows allude to the exact same window

When you departure the base camp menu, head in the direction Lara is facing and also collect one ARCHIVIST MAP. Go to the objective beacon and also defeat some soldiers in the small passageway. Collect THE REVENANT (DOCUMENT 8/10) to the left that the doorway leading out of the small hallway. In the next room, you will have to fight a shielded guard. Head into an open room whereby you fight an ext waves that Trinity soldiers. A cutscene will certainly play once you finish. You"ll achieve the WIRE SPOOL and unlock:

Note: currently that you have the spool, you deserve to collect every one of the collectibles in the Baba Yaga DLC.

Back come the woodland - discover a for sure path earlier to the Remnant Village

Zip line across the gap. One EXPLORER SATCHEL will certainly be ~ above the ground come the ideal of the hanging beam (the object that"s you"ll swing from using the grapple axe). After grappling come a ledge, grab BONES of THE planet (DOCUMENT 9/10) on the ground to the right. Continue forward until you"re in Geothermal sink again.

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