I - I thought - memory could mirror no reflections on me.I - I believe - the in forgetting i might set myselffree.But i woke up this morning v a piece of previous caughtin my neck - and then i choked.I - i bled - i tried come hide the love from the head.I - i bled - in the arms of a girl I"d proper met.And ns woke increase this morning with the existing in splinterson the soil - and also then i drowned.(And if ns can"t see its for want of....)You - girlfriend said, "I see", if there"s nothing here thanit most likely mine - my - My turn to check out if there"s nothing right here it willalways it is in mine.I - I"ve learned the taste of job that will alwaysburn.I - I"ve learned if the in the edge of mine eye Ican"t walways turn.(And if i don"t view it"s for desire of.....)

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General CommentThis is my every time favorite song. Its so beautiful and also well written. Man Piccoto"s voice is amazing. The music is amazing. THis song is flawless.

General Commentawesome song...thanks pr0le i had never heard the these guys until i review your one comment on the tiny brown bicycle song.awesome band,awesome song.

General Commentguy picciotto is a lyrical genius. Ns love castle soooooo much. You have the right to tell jawbreaker"s beforehand stuff is influenced by them. Lock are certainly one the the greatest post-hardcore bands that were ever around.

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General CommentSong"s around (in my opinion). A male that just experienced a rest up, yet still wishes because that the past. The break up clear wasn"t mutual. He"s looking earlier knowing that the connection was poor for him, yet it felt so great to care for who he just doesn"t offer a f*ck. Every he has actually now space the memories, and he"ll live his very own fantasies every night remembering and hopefully that"s great enough for his noble heart.This is a really beautiful song. The method emo was and should always stay, drenched through emotion, an effective lyrics. Once you"re together anguished as guy here. You simply want to SCREAM, scream as if a million splinters room tearing at your heart propelled by the girl/guy you love while looking at them through shocked eyes with a voice the pleads for them to stop screaming due to the fact that they can"t hear girlfriend while in ~ the exact same time shrieking at how much the a bitch they space for forsaking your feelings prefer that.so much raw emotion! before the Jimmy Eay Worlds and Get up kids, and saves the days, emo bands like rites of spring and also early fugazi screamed the end the dark feel of their heart, how shitty they feeling inside, and in their reflects would thrash roughly in a masochistic favor manner through blood on the floor and petals scattering the ground prove to the one they once loved the they can attempt come hurt themselves an ext than they could ever ache them, yet to no avail. Rites of spring scream and also sing like a soul that"s dying. Their songs should be forced through the ear of any ex that has hurt you.